Monday, January 21, 2013

The Bay Restaurant

-Grubbing in Chicago 
Where the locals eat.

Today we're headed further south into the Chatham neighborhood for a taste of the Islands. If you've ever ridden down 79th street from the lake west you'll happen to pass quite a few jerk chicken shacks. Some come and go while others stay. There's also grocery stores and a couple bakers specializing in African and Caribbean goods. Just off 79th street on Martin Luther King drive is The Bay Restaurant.

Located in Chicago's Chatham Neighborhood

What caught my eye here is the tall chimney connected. We smelled some smoke and saw some signs for their offerings including jerked this and that. Myself and a buddy stopped into place an order for some "Up Scale Carry Outs". They have a lunch menu that includes specials as well dinner portions and meats as is. We were tempted by the jerk shrimp stir fry and also the jerk pork fried rice but went with an order of jerk wings, order of jerk rib tips and a 1/2 jerk chicken dinner. The nice lady working the front told us it would be 30 minutes on the wings because they're grilled to order. We took a little ride around and came back.

Image Image
Made to Order Grilled Jerk Wings and Jerk Rib Tips

Worth the wait. They we're prepared perfectly. I would of liked them a little hotter but otherwise great as is. Rib Tips weren't quite as good but still tasty. I should of got the jerk sauce on the side. Now the jerk chicken dinner was top notch. What it lacked in spice it made up for in the flavor in the paste and the smoke in it was perfect. Underneath the chopped up chicken is rice and peas and my choice of sides were mac & cheese and jerk beans. The chef behind was cooking up some fresh goods that smelled great so hopefully I can make it back here for some more of their jerk. You should too. 

1/2 Jerk Chicken Dinner

The Bay Restaurant
7915 S King Dr
Chicago, IL 60619
(773) 783-8542

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