Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taqueria Los Barrilitos

-Eating like a Mayan King in the Windy City

I'm trying to get back to my food blogging roots this year. So that means more exploring of the places no one else is talking about and less of the spots everyone else is blogging about.  I stopped in at an al pastor place that came highly rec'd on LTH and am excited to get on the streets to see what else is out there eluding me.

Located in Little Village

This place is no frills, tacos and thats about it. The first thing you notice here is the dedication and precision of the trompo (al pastor spit) and it's handlers. On my visit they had a pot of tripas going but I dont really like those unless they're fried crisp. So I stuck with the al pastor. I started with two tacos and wanted cheese on one but they don't offer that which is fine by me. It's refreshing to see a taco place pick a thing, do it and do it well. It's rare to find a place that has their al pastor spit up and running each and everyday but that's not the case here. It's always up.

She really is a beauty

I prefer my al pastor cut thin and crisp and they do amazing job with the knife getting it as thin as those electric gyro slicers elsewhere do. The meat reminded me of Saltisa sausage, an old Italian grind that made its way into WI and the UP with immigrants, it has a cinnamony pork taste to it. I liked the addition of the hot pepper and onion concoction they offer with your tacos. It packs a punch and the tacos are loaded with meat. On top of all that the people behind the counter are really friendly and appreciative for stopping in. This is some of the best al pastor in the city and I recently saw they have a 2nd location on 47th street now open. I'll be back.

Though it wasn't on the spit, I got some pineapple bits included 
Taqueria Los Barrilitos
3518 W 25th St
Chicago, IL 60623
(773) 673-0102


Ben said...

Glad to see you back, nice find here. By the way, I was in NOLA recently and your posts on LA came in handy. Thanks!

KingT said...

What's up man, glad to hear that and thanks to you for coming back. Hope you enjoy.


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