Friday, February 15, 2013

Wisconsin Fish Fry at Home

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With lenten season all but here I thought I'd share this. Those that have been thru there know Wisconsin is the land of Fish Fry's. I did up a classic Sconnie Style Fish Fry this past summer. It was authentic down to the point where it was a Friday night when it took place. While up in Bayfield (report coming) on vaca I just couldn't resist bringing back some dirt cheap freshly caught Lake Superior whitefish home with me. So I loaded up the cooler and brought back a bunch to celebrate my aunts bday.

Fried Cheese Curds to Start...

What's an "authentic" Wisconsin style fish fry? Well it should include some sort of fish native to the Great Lakes but often times that's not the case. Cod is common these days. It better include potato pancakes as well as cole slaw and a slice of rye topped with a generous glop of butter as your sides. Make sure you have an ice cold brew to compliment the food. There's no exact recipe for a fry but those things should be used. The batter and what fish you fry etc is your call.

Potato Pancakes are the authentic Wisconsin fish fry side of choice

I used this recipe for the pancakes HERE and was more than pleased with the results. Everyone loved them, I remember thinking I made way too many but then there were none leftover. That's now my go to recipe when I want PP's. I used my turkey fryer for the fish which came out great.

Wisconsin Fish Fry Plate (Lake Superior Whitefish)

I decided to experiment a little bit with the batters used and did both a cornmeal crusted as well as beer battered. I preferred the cornmeal crusted whitefish but both were very good. Happy Fish Fryday.

Different Batters (Cornmeal on Left - Beer on Right)

See y'all next time @chibbqking

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Unknown said...

I think I grew up in the wrong part of Wisconsin, because our fish fry never included potato pancakes. In NE WI, it was always french fries. The pancakes would have been a welcome change.


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