Friday, September 14, 2012


-The other Chicago (& Midwest) style pizza: Tavern Style

Today we feature an old school pizza place that was shut down suddenly only to pop back up into the picture a year or so later. I first read about Romano's in Des Plaines over at LTHforum. As is the case with many places profiled there, the pictures posted by those who were reviewing the place is what got me to stop in. So we did a couple years ago before the old location shut down.

RIP (The Old Des Plaines location)

Here is a quote from one of my earlier visits "Its amazing how many people come in and out for pickups of the pizza that they know on a name to name basis. Its a real neighborhood type joint over there. As far as atmosphere, its the best of the tavern styles I've come across. Some real characters at that bar. It turns out they are all from my neighborhood, oh rather I'm from there's" It's too bad the old location is gone because the place was a time warp and I enjoyed their pizza which as seen below is a typical Midwest tavern style thin pie, cut a little bit different.

Large Sausage Pizza from the old Romano's Location

The old Romano's had been around for over 60 years before closing its doors. It was a bummer to hear about it when they did so. Places like the old location are the spots I seek out when on the road. I prefer the places with rich history where little has changed as opposed to new on the scene type spots that bring alot of hype with them. So I was happy to hear Romano's would be re-opening in Rosemont as I enjoyed their pie almost as much as the atmosphere inside at the old location. I was excited to see of their signature style remained the same.

Image Image
Things just aint the same for gangsters...

Well as you can see from the first photo from where they used to be housed and then where they're at now the atmosphere from an old school Midwest pizza parlor is gone. They still got Italian murals on the walls, red and white squared table cloths and all the old photos of celebs from another era. But its located in a strip mall. Don't let that keep you way though.

A peak inside

The pizza which is still sliced the same way looks a little different as far as the then and now pictures go but tasted similar to what I remember it being. Except I recall the crust being better back then. Still a very respectable tavern style thin pie with good sausage. A nice option to have if in Rosemont and they do deliver. They also serve gelato and have a deli station with different cold pastas and tuna salads on sale to take to go as well as single slices and pasta dishes too. I hope they have a long life at this new location.

Thin crust sausage pie from the new Romano's

Romano's in Rosemont
9785 West Higgins Road
Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 292-0100

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Anonymous said...

Great call with Romano's! I just had their traditional thin crust cheese and sausage. It was truly excellent. The tomato sauce was a nice combonation of garlic and sweetness. Perfect. The cheese was very good, and the crust was nice and thin with crisp edges. And most importantly, the sausage was homemade, and excellent in every way.

Rob ("deepdish" on LTHforum)

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