Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jake Melnick's

-KingT's Wing Fling

Football season is here and there's no better time for most fans than those first few weeks. That's when everyone's teams still stand a chance and in the cold weather places its still nice outside. So some people like to go out and spend their Sunday's chowing and boozing while cheering on their team which here in Chicago we know rocks the orange and navy blue. One of the most popular gameday snacks are chicken wings and downtown at Jake Melnick's they claim to have the best.

Corner Tap on Superior and Wabash

I hadnt been into Jake's in almost five years. The last time I was there we did a thing for Redeye where we tried out what are supposed to be the hottest wings in the world. They have the gimmick of making you sign a waiver and I'll admit this, those wings were damn hot. Most regular folks looking to eat wings there order from elsewhere on the menu. We started with their fries which are house cut but came limp from a shit fry job done. A waste of $6 is what they were. Of course we had stopped thru not for the fries but to try their acclaimed wings and see what we thought.

Fry Basket

Well first off they dont tell you how many come to an order but when you see the price ($10.95) you might expect maybe 10 like I did. Nope it's eight to an order but dont worry, they only use jumbo wings. I'll give them credit for that, these wings looked like they trained for the Olympics with Lance. I dont like super big wings, they tend to get rubbery and resist from coming off the bone when cooked. Also they cant ever seem to be fried til crispy as they're too big. All these were problems with their fried buffalo style. I liked the Poncho's wings better which come marinated with garlic and cayenne and are grilled. If I had to for some reason go again, I guess I would get those. Toons is a much better option.

Combo Wings Basket (Poncho's and Buffalo)

Jake Melnicks Corner Tap
41 East Superior Street
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 266-0400

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