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D&D Food Shop & Recipes

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

Football season is here folks! Sometimes life takes me to Da Heights and when it does I like to roll around and see whats still there. Last time I was way down south on Halsted I ran across D&D Foods which I was told I needed to hop on into by an associate of mine from around there. He knows I like to get to the old school Italian spots that still remain around and he's sent me to a few I've enjoyed so I made sure to pull into their lot and stop inside. Lets take a look.

Locals favorite in Chicago Heights

From the outside it looked nice and old school and sign displaying fresh sausage had me knowing I'd at least be leaving with some of that as I walked in. An old husband and wife team were working there and very helpful with anything I needed. They have a pretty nice selection of Italian groceries and I got some San Pellegrino blood orange and grapefruit six packs to go (good mixers). They also have a bunch of imported cheese and deli meats incl. a homemade Italian roast beef. I opted for some sausage and got both their homemade link's and some patties which they offer fresh alongside the links. It seemed like a no brainer what was for dinner the next day.

What you'll need

- Italian Sausage patties
- Loaf of French bread
- Bottle of marinara sauce, heated thru and warmed
- Slices of Mozzarella
- Bell peppers, sliced and sauteed
- garlic/butter/herbs mix for garlic bread (optional)
- Giardiniera or other hot pepper mix (optional)

Directions and making of the sandwich are pretty damn easy. If you're going to make it a "deluxe" start off by baking the garlic bread until ready. Then grill the sausage patties until they're done. Set your broiler to high. Take the patties and place on an oven safe serving tray and then top them with the warm marinara sauce* followed by the strips of sauteed bell peppers and last but not least, the slices of cheese. Place the tray in the oven under the broiler and let it sit until cheese just starts to brown. Take it out, cut it accordingly and top with hot peppers if you like 'em on yours.

* I just used a bottle from the fridge which I threw into a pot where I sauteed some diced onion with butter in and then mixed it all together and warmed it thru.

Image Image Image Image
Step by Step Picture Guide for those who cant read

Freddy Sandwich at home

Italian Armadillo Eggs

I got another perfect snack for gameday as you wait for the ribs on low and slow. These came out pretty damn good and were the first to go on Friday night at my buddies annual keg-b-q last Spring. A play on my popular Tex-Mex armadillo eggs using Italian ingredients. Italian sausage replaces country sausage, green peppers replace the jalapenos and chopped cherry peppers mixed with five cheese garlic spread replaces the cream cheese mixed with shreds of Velveeta.

Image Image
Prep work

I tried mixing an egg in with the sausage hoping that will help the balls bind together better but I still had some trouble with maybe half of them opening up causing the cheese/pepper mixture to ooze out. But even those that didn't have as much of the cheese mixture inside were still inhaled. Good stuff. Go Bears.

Italiano Armadillo eggs

D&D Food Shop
1023 S Halsted Street
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 755-1520

See ya next time @chibbqking

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