Monday, June 4, 2012

Summertime Chi

-Grubbing in Chicago
Summertime eats.

June is here and we can only hope summer is pretty much officially here with it. So with that its only fair we head out today to a few different summertime options. These three places we'll visit arent open year round but rather only when the warm weather comes around. They are summertime fixes for the people that live near them and those passing by. Lets check them out.

The Dog House 2

On Lawrence avenue just east off the Highway

First up is a walk up hot dog stand over on Lawrence just east off I-90. The Dog House 2 recently made the switch over to Vienna Beef and with that they serve their natural casing dogs. It's a good marriage that should last forever. I walked up and tried their dogs a couple times so far this year and they're a great option to have if you're in the neighborhood. The chili cheese dog would of scored pretty well if it was around when I did 'The Chase for Chicago's Finest Chili Cheese Dog' a few years back.

Chili Cheese Dog

I'm more a fan of the minimalist dog than I am the full fledged Chicago style (in tourists eyes anyway). But when a place makes a perfect Chi-Style they can be very enjoyable. It doesn't start with the toppings granted they have to be spot on, it starts with the hot dog. If your not using natural casing, I'm not stopping by for a dog. The difference for me is day and night. They use the NC dog here and top it perfectly inside a poppy seed bun. Consider this one a winner.

Chicago Style Dog from Dog House 2

Grill in the Park

On Diversey in the Park

Located in Lincoln Park, the actual park not just the neighborhood, Grill in the Park is there for joggers, bikers, golfers and walker by's who might need a quick eat or drink while taking in the day. Open for the season when it starts to get nice outside they serve hamburgers, hot dogs and tacos. While the tacos arent authentic in the Mexican sense the fish tacos are still great. The man who owns this place also does 'Twisted Lizard' so these have more of a southwest flair. Their fish tacos were named best in city by the Tribune a few years back. I haven't done my own test for the best but will agree that these are good. Not a bad snack option to have before or after a high stakes game of Mini Golf.

Fish Tacos from Grill in the Park

The Original Rainbow Cone

Since 1926 in the Beverly Neighborhood (Pic by: Toddling Around Chicagoland)

Rainbow Cone is heading towards turning 90 years old soon. Along with the Cubs and Sox it's been a fixture of Chicago summers since its beginning. One of the signature offerings each year at the 'Taste of Chicago' it's been a real treat to enjoy these since my youth. Housed in its distinct looking pink building in the Beverly neighborhood on Chicago's southside we used to stop here after Sunday dinner at my grandma's. What a great way to end the weekend it was getting to lick away on a rainbow cone. I'm an Italian ice guy but love me a rainbow cone. From top to bottom they include orange sherbert followed by my favorites the pistachio and then Palmer House (New York Vanilla w/ Cherries and Walnuts) and then come strawberry and chocolate. Pure Chicago.

Chicago's Original Rainbow Cone

The Dog House 2
4501 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60630
(773) 205-2050

Grill in the Park
248 W Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 348-7232

Original Rainbow Cone
9233 South Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60643
(773) 238-7075

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