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Vinnie's Sub Shop

-The Sammy's of Chi

Hot and humid summer days are here. With them comes the need for something refreshing and cooling though not just in the drinks department. Whenever it gets hot as hell and I'm hungry as as the devil in the dark night, I like to get, amongst other things, cold sub sandwiches. A sub almost always fills you up and when done properly, which isn't all that hard, can be as satisfying as anything and perfect for a hot summers day. Sometimes you just need something cold and a cold cut is where I usually turn too. Enter Vinnie's Sub Shop on Grand avenue.

A locals favorite on Grand avenue

I'm not sure how long Vinnie's has been around but its been there a minute. I used to do some summertime work for my grandpa, dad and uncle back in my high school days and it was around then and been a part of the neighborhood long before it became trendy. It's right down the block from Bari which gets alot of love when it comes to Italian subs so many people have seen Vinnie's but never been. You need to switch that up. Its as much of a "family owned place" as any of them out there. It doesn't matter if its your 1st or 1000th time, they treat you like you're their good friend. Vinnie's is your typical neighborhood sub shop with sandwiches much better than most of the typical places around town. Lets start off with the Vinnie Special.

Vinnie Special Sandwich

This sandwich named after the place comes with ham, hard salami, provolone and Vinnie's special oil. Instead of the standard French bread they serve with most subs this one comes on a sesame seed roll. The ingredients are great at Vinnie's, they use quality lunch meats and their special oil is addictive but with this sandwich its all about the bread for me. Crunchy exterior with a fluffy interior and when paired with the meats, cheese and toppings this is a top notch sub sandwich. I also hear good things about their turkey special with Pesto as seen on Serious Eats, but I usually cant pass on whats next. Also great about Vinnie's is the fact that when the bread is done for the day so are they. None of that day old stale bread that should of been made into crumbs served here.

The Insides

My go to sandwich at Vinnie's though remains to be their tuna salad. I think its the best tuna salad sandwich in the city. Its also the only place I get tuna salad which I much prefer to just make on my own. But when I want a cold tuna salad sub sandwich and not a tuna melt which is what I mainly go for when eating tuna, Vinnie's is my spot. They make a flavorful salad that doesn't go Paula Deen with the mayo. They don't use the Sunkist stuff that tastes and looks like its been sitting in the sun getting kissed by it all day and that's the biggest thing when making tuna salad. You cant substitute the taste of the real Italian stuff packed in olive oil and not water. It's a simple sub that's made great with the quality of the ingredients and care put into making them and this is why Vinnie's is a great place to go for one.

Tuna Salad Sub from Vinnie's

Vinnie's Sub Shop
1204 W. Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 738-2985

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