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The Burgers of Wisconsin

Summerfest is coming. One of the largest outdoor music festivals, it brings 1000's of people into Milwaukee during its time. So today I figured we would head over to an Old Tied House for some drinks and burgers. Sobelman's is a very popular Milwaukee tavern/burger joint that is also one of the best kept Tied House's I have ever seen. It's very clean and while still very old, almost feels like new. It fits in great in the industrial part of town amongst the factories which are really the only things near it. It's not below the radar or anything like that and has been featured in many publications, top burger lists and seen on Travel Channel/Food Network etc...

Milwaukee, WI

I've been here a couple times now and enjoyed each visit. I first went during Summerfest a couple years back. Everything people said about it was to my agreement with it being a classic Milwaukee tavern. On this visit where the pics were taken it was around 2p and there was still a nice crowd but a few tables and seats at the bar were open so as always I plopped down at the bar. They had the music playing from the jukebox, it was Friday and people were alive and with the Packers playing playoff football the next day, many were getting started early. The staff at Sobelman's is as nice as any and you could tell they enjoyed being there on the job as they spread their joy around the bar.

The view as you enter

The first time I visited here it was the pictures of the Bloody Mary that drew me in. In typical Wisconsin fashion they are overdone loaded with condiments from cocktail shrimp to sausage and cheese along with all the necessary veggies to make a damn nice Bloody when it's all said and done. They made them with Absolut Peppar and they had that nice spice kick that I like. I knew I was going with the signature Sobelman burger as did one of the others in the group and one had the Loser burger which is named after the burger that lost in the Milwaukee burger challenge featured on Travel Channel's Food War's. The 'Loser' comes with Nueske's bacon, caramelized onions and a few types of cheese. My buddy very much enjoyed his loser burger and is somewhat of a burger nut.

A 'Sconnie Bloddy

The Loser burger

I was happy with my Sobelman burger which comes with three types of cheese, a circle of bacon and a jalapeno like relish. The beef patty's are from the Tallgrass Beef company and can be pretty lean but they do cook them to perfection. If your so inclined you can watch the grill-men make your burgers live on one of the TV's. The best part about the burger to me is the bun, it's an excellent version for this burger and overall I am a fan of Sobelman's burgers but I like the atmosphere inside the pub and it's history just as much. Great place to stop in Milwaukee for some lunch and drinks. If you haven't already you need to at least once.

Sobelman Burger basket

Sobelman's Pub & Grill
1900 W Saint Paul Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 931-1919

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Jim said...

Thanks for the post, its been too long since i have had a burger @ Sobelmans.


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