Monday, March 5, 2012

Bobbies Runaway

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals drink/eat.

It's March so that means that St. Patty's day is near. In Chicago we celebrate March 17th as hard as anyone and that includes Dublin. It's not all about the Guinness and Jameson on the Leprechauns day although that does play the biggest role. However people need something in their stomachs before the days festivities begin and also as it goes on. If your buying a ticket to some St. Pat's party and paying $100+ to hang out in River North or something like that than you don't got any idea what the day is about. It's a time to get hammered and have fun at the locally loved neighborhood taverns with friends. Not a time to get dressed up in some skanky green dress and forest green Lacoste shirts and hang with hipsters. So I've got a spot for you this season.

Bobbies Runaway, a Lincoln Square locals favorite

When you pass by Bobbies down on Damen avenue you see what you see in the picture above which is this little unassuming bar connected to a larger building in an area thats mostly been developed since the bar first opened up. This my friends is a real deal drinking establishment as I call them. It's as if you walked into someones apartment or an episode of Cheers. Its small inside and there's bound to be regulars in there when you roll in. One of them being Bobbie herself, the bars namesake. I visited last year around this very time to try what people were calling one of the cities best drinking and eating blue collar bars around. They sell a homemade corned beef sandwich that comes piled high, made by Bobbi herself, she'll treat you like her own children when you stop inside.

Housemade Corned Beef Sandwich

I fell in love with Bobbie's on my first visit and it wasn't just the sandwich which was excellent and well worth the $5 price tag. You see it was the afternoon on a weekday and I was expecting it to be quiet in there but there were three Euro ladies having a blast. Drinking vodka, one was talking about how she puts it in her wine all the time. These three were getting rowdy, rowdy like it was St. Pats day at the Jameson distillery as they drank. Rocking out and shaking their 50+ year old booty's to Bob Marley and Cee Lo which was being played on one of their laptops. They were also talking of karaoke night at the Brat Stop and one was telling her story of how she once called her drink in on the way over. I couldn't get enough of these three, I wish I introduced myself and would of made friends with them there. I imagine would have even better stories to tell.

Piled High at Bobbies Runaway

Bobbies Runaway
5305 N. Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 271-6488

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