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Harlo Grill

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The Burgers of Chi

I've been waiting to get a post about Harlo Grill in Melrose Park on north avenue up on here for a while. Today is that day. I've been waiting because since my first visit some three years back I've always felt this place to be the last of a dying breed. I'm talking about the no frills diners that stay open 24 hours a day and cater to the blue collar working class community as well as the folks who like to have fun into the early morning out and about on the town. The type of place that when you drive by, it catches your eye with it's old school looks and it's no longer in use neon from another time.

a longtime locals favorite in Melrose Park, IL

I've always been a fan of old school neon signs

As I stated up above, Harlo is no frills. The looks inside are that of what you would expect. You got the counter where most of the locals like to take a seat at and order their usual. The menu is also what you might expect consisting of all the breakfast items you would normally find with coffee and hamburgers too. Harlo is an interesting place when the sun goes down. You might find yourself alongside some characters while dining in but everyone is there for the same reason and that's to fill up on an old favorite while soaking up the alcohol consumed from before you came.

Chocolate Malt

The main thing people continuously come here for off the menu are the cheeseburgers. Again just like everything else they're pretty much what you'd expect being perfect for the place. No doubt these are what 8 out of 10 people eating at Harlo order and it's easy to see why. These are the best cheeseburgers I have come across for soaking up alcohol, they're grease bombs but oh so good. Made fresh in front of you after you order theres a good chance you might want to do two. They take thin patties and press one on top of the other placing a piece of cheese in the middle. After they get cooked the result is something similar to a Juicy Lucy found in Minneapolis with cheese oozing out from inside. I cant describe it any better than the picture below shows. Tell me that doesn't look good and I'll know your a vegan. Check them out.

Harlo Grill's famous Cheeseburger

Harlo Grill
2400 W. North Ave
Melrose Park, IL 60160
(708) 344-8353

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The capital affair humans continuously appear actuality for off the card are the cheeseburgers. Again just like aggregate abroad they're appealing abundant what you'd apprehend getting absolute for the place


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