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We've been on quite the fried fish binge here during the main month of lent season. I don't practice not eating meat on certain days, it's against my religion. But I respect all those that do and even try to mimic what they eat on Friday's during the lenten season, why not right? I'm a fried fish kind of guy having grown up in Chicago, the center of the Midwest where we love our Friday night fish fry's and all the good fish locally caught in the Great Lakes region. We also love family style restaurants and supper clubs as quite a few remain from an era that has passed us by. In Northwest Indiana, Teibel's, has been a local community gathering place since 1929.

The outskirts of an old NW Indiana favorite in Scherville

The family restaurant in Schereville is at the crossroads of U.S Route 30 and Highway 41. I've visited the old time charmer on a couple occasions including a stop on a foodventure to Fort Wayne down US 30, Indiana's portion of the Lincoln Highway. We took off from Teibel's and had lunch there beforehand and I also stopped for dinner one night on the way home from a summer weekend in Michigan. It's very accessible which is part of its charm along with their famous recipes that have been all in the family since they got going.

Teibel's Old Neon Sign

Generations of NW Indianer's (?) have enjoyed dinners here, most of them celebrating something as this has always been one of thee spots to eat around town. As soon as you enter you feel like you took a step back in time with there being lounges with chairs and family portraits of old time Teibel's on the walls as well as a cocktail lounge and coffee shop for locals to gather for a drink and eat if they so wish. The place is large and has banquet halls for events and countless tables for diners dining in. I can only imagine it on a night they're at capacity. Pretty cool is the fact it started out as a 12 seat diner.

A view from inside as we enter

The first time around we were dining in and wanted to try out their famous family style fried chicken dinner. The cost is $14.95 per person but this is always an all you can eat affair. It doesn't end with just AYCE fried chicken as your also given a soup and salad with your dinner and something real old school that hasn't left the area, orange sherbert being included with your dinner at the end. Sherbert also comes in the classic cheeseburger meal at Miner Dunn Hamburgers in Hammond. Also popular and well known at Teibel's are their thinly battered made in house onion rings which I would recommend starting off with.

Soup, Salad and Onion Rings are all supper club staples

The fried chicken dinner at Teibel's is pretty darn good and also what made them popular when they first started in 1929. Like everything else it tastes even better when you eat your moneys worth. It's Grandma Teibel's original Austrian style fried chicken recipe. The chicken gets lightly seasoned with a bread crumb coating and it's then fried until golden red and the meat comes right off the bone. It's different and folks that have had both say Teibel's style is somewhat similar to Barberton Ohio style fried chicken which is said to be of Serbian descent.

Teibel's Family Style Fried Chicken Dinner

The other go to item on the menu here is their famous boned and buttered lake perch. One of my favorite fishes when fried these beauties are the most popular item on the menu. The dinner might not be cheap ($28.95) but it's very good and the lunch portion is a nice take out option if your ever out that way and near there during those hours.

Lake Perch lunch takeout

Make sure you get them buttered as this is the traditional way around these parts. I really like Teibel's lake perch and could eat it everyday if I could afford to do so, some of the best around this way along with Johnson's Fish & Shrimp in Lake Station. Cheers to Indiana's dining traditions. I look forward to many more meals from longtime locally loved dining spots while visiting or passing thru. See ya next time @chibbqking.

Orange Sherbert to end our meal

Teibel's Family Restaurant
1775 U.S 41
Schereville, IN 46375
(219) 865-2000

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