Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Gee's

-Oh Yeah, I've been there too...
A PoPo's favorite on the NW side

A popular stop along Fullerton ave on the NW Side

Neighborhood: Hermosa
Cuisine: Chicago Style Fast Food & Grilled Chicken
Price Range: $5-$10
Would I go again? Yes and if I was on the beat in the neighborhood I'd get there often

I've only stopped in once to Mr. Gee's after passing it by 100's of times. It's located in a small strip mall on the 44oo block of West Fullerton and as seen in the opening picture it's very visible at night with all of it's lights.

Chicken is their claim to fame but that's not all they do

The "BBQ on demand!" slogan is a little misleading since this isn't real deal smoked meat aka bbq but rather just grilled chicken which is their claim to fame. That and the fact this place will never be robbed, although in todays America with the idiots we got, you can never say never. But I say this becasue this is where the local police man patrolling the neighborhood love to stop in at for lunch whatever hour that is. I've seen them in the parking lot while driving by and on my visit there were three separate groups coming in and out while I waited. It's Greek owned so the best menu items are the Greek ones. Me and brother split a few things starting with the skirt steak dinner and sandwich.

Mr. Gee's Skirt Steak Dinner

Skirt Steak Sandwich

Everything was really filling and nothing was bad so I'd say it was pretty good. Your not expecting anything but that when you come to these family owned fast but not crap food joints around Chicago. The steak could of been cooked a little less but again it was good and at the price about what I would expect. Same for the sandwich which is what I would get next time if I wanted beef. I've always liked boneless dark meat from Japanese and Hawaiian style food spots so that's what I went with here when I saw they do a charbroiled version and offer it with both rice and cottage fries. Again, I got what I was expecting and enjoyed it for what it was. Another quality Chicago style fast food joint that's nice to have in the neighborhood. I'll add it to the massive ever growing list.

Boneless charbroiled dark meat chicken dinner

Mr. Gee's
4440 West Fullerton ave
Chicago, IL 60639
(773) 235-1166

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