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LP Cupcake Shops

-Grubbing in The Chi
The Cupcake Scene.

Happy Monday readers and the rest. Today were going to go a little bit off track away from the spots I specialize in. We're going to visit as couple Lincoln Park cupcake shops in case anyone out there needs a last second Valentines Day gift and the person your courting loves them some cupcakes. I was talking last night with a couple people and they explained the cupcake trend began in NYC when a popular shop there was featured on Sex & the City. I guess soon thereafter the craze began and cupcake places started popping up all over here in Chicago and elsewhere. So today we visit two of them, both of which are doing very well. There's almost always lines at these spots and people (especially ladies) love them.

A LP favorite on Clark street

Molly's opened up back in 2008 to much hype and also delight. They've lived up to it, I like this place and when there isn't a wait and I'm riding by, I usually stop. They also have a location in New York City. Started by a guy who fondly remembers his 3rd grade teacher and the cupcakes she made whenever it was one of her students birthdays. I'm not a expert in the baking game or trendy new spots on the scene but damn this place is great. Fresh ingredients, baked daily are parts of the reason I would highly recommend this place for cupcakes.

Molly's Red Velvet Cupcake (Voted best in Chicago according to Chi Magazine)

Box of goodies incl. my favorites blueberry cheesecake and Apple Pie (top)

Next up is Sweet Mandy B's, the place that started the craze in Chicago, they were up and running before most any of these now popular cupcake spots were around. It's not just cupcakes here and they consider themselves an "old fashioned dessert" place. The folks behind this LP hotspot started baking treats in their own kitchen and then started up their shop which has some real nostalgia to it. I like stopping in her with a lady friend and enjoying a treat before the real dessert comes later. Honestly everything here I've had has been great and they even sell cups of just the frosting, gotta love that. Lets take a look.

A LP favorite on Webster street

A Happy Hallmark Holiday to all (Strawberry buttermilk 'cake, Blueberry Apple Pie)

See ya next time @chibbqking

Molly's Cupcakes
2536 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 883-7220

Molly's Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

Sweet Mandy B's
1208 West Webster
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 244-1174

Sweet Mandy B's on Urbanspoon

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