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The chibbqking Tuna Melt

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

The tuna melt was what made me realize that canned tuna isn't so bad after all. Well what really did was the discovery of what a real canned tuna product is and it aint that "dead chicken floating in the sea" or "SlobKist" crap you see on most US grocery store shelves. But even so, I'm not nor never will be a fan of straight from the can, throw it into the bowl and eat tuna. I like to make a salad first and then put that on or into some bread, be it an Italian tuna salad sub or a tuna melt...done my way.

a chibbqking Tuna Melt is served open faced on a toasted English muffin

Ingredients for Melts (Use as much tuna as you need to feed)

- Real Canned Tuna (found in most Italian grocery stores)
- Package of English Muffins (One muffin per sandwich)
- Cheese of your choice (I prefer American or Cheddar)
- Bacon (cooked crisped and set aside)

Note: When I made these for three people I used three large cans (at bottom in picture) and there was enough for one sandwich each for four people. So this is what I base these measurements on.

My preferred brand (Italian) found easily in Chicagoland

Ingredients for Tuna Salad (can be made ahead)

- Celery and Green Onions (Produce Needed)

What you see is what you need + tuna and mayo

Note: I didn't have them but do like to use capers in my recipe too.


1) Start out by finely chopping a batch of green onions down as well as a couple sticks of celery and a sport pepper or two. Throw that into a bowl and then chop down about 4/5 Cornichons aka tiny Pickled French cucumbers. These work great and are a key to my tuna salad tasting so good. Add those to the bowl and set aside.

2) Empty the canned tuna packed in olive oil into a bowl and follow that with what you think is the right amount of as I call it my "tuna salad trinity" (green onions, celery and Cornichons). I like it so that there's some crunch to my salad. Plus if you got them and like spice use the sport peppers for heat.

3) Follow that with adding in a spoonful of mayo at a time until it's just right, which in my book is after maybe two or three. You don't want too much mayo and can always add more so go slow at first.

4) After that throw in the sweet pickled relish a spoon or so at a time tasting it as you do until ready and then squeeze a tablespoon or two of yellow mustard into the mix and mash it all up and season until it's ready to go. Then, this is key too, take a shot glass or so's worth of the pickled cornichon juice and empty that into the mix and mash. If you have the Vienna Beef sport peppers do the same with the juice from that.

Tuna Salad ready to go

Directions for making Melts (Serve with tater tots)

1) Start off by getting your tots baked and your bacon crisped. When that's ready you can toast the English muffins and spread them with butter when done.

2) Add a decent amount of tuna salad to each split end of the English muffins and then top that with the crisped bacon and a piece of the cheese you choose to use.

3) The best way to melt the cheese is to broil them for a few minutes but you could bake them too, just don't toast them all the way thru before.

4) Serve with a side of tater tots or potato chips and enjoy!

Note: Make sure your tuna salad is at room temperature and not fresh out the fridge when putting it onto the muffins. Otherwise it'll be cold in the middle while the cheese and toast are hot.

"bacon makes everything better" tuna melts

See ya next time @chibbqking

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