Monday, February 27, 2012

Frankly Yours Original

--Got Beef? (and lamb)
KingT's gyro-tron

It's been some time since we took a ride on the gyro-tron. The reason for this is a few things among the fact that gyro meat for whatever reason always gives me heartburn. However that doesn't stop me from indulging in Chicago's favorite coned meat I just usually do it at my neighborhood place already featured. But I stopped in at the Original Frankly Yours in along Irving Park Road in Schaumburg a while back and remembered how much I love a good gyro dinner and also how lucky Chicagoland is to have countless options.

a longtime locals favorite in Schaumburg, IL

How many places similar to Frankly Yours have we visited since this foodventure began? The answer is countless places but to each their own and the people of the NW suburbs have been getting their guilty pleasures, Chicago style, from here for a while. They even serve beer and to go with that is all the other usual suspects including the hot dogs and gyros. Both of which are the way to go. Well actually the hot dog is just ok. It'd be great if it was a natural casing wiener but the fries are fresh cut and top notch, thus worth the calorie intake.

Chicago style hot dog from Frankly Yours

How Chicago became the center of the gyro cone world is a story for another post. I will reiterate that most every place gets their gyro meat from one of the gyro cone distributors here in Chicago which supply 1000's of stands here in the city and 1000's more around the country with gyro meat. It's rare for a place to make it homemade these days. So it's all about how the place prepares their meat. It should be sliced thin and browned well. This takes time so places that specialize in gyros and have a few cones supply better browned bits. A gyro dinner should include a massive amount of meat along with fries and a salad and pita bread too. Despite being named for a hot dog, the gyro sandwich (or dinner) is where Frankly yours shines.

Rating Scale: 5/5

Gyro meat: 4
tzatziki: 4
fries: 5
freshness of pita and toppings: 4

Score: 17/20

The Gyro Dinner - A Chicago Staple

Frankly Yours Original
1820 West Irving Park Road
Schaumburg, IL 60193
(847) 524-4380

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