Wednesday, February 29, 2012

McGill's Bar & Grill

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals drink/eat.

Lenten season is here and although I eat meat whenever and wherever I want I still love the Friday fish fry's that come with it. I mean like Chris Rock said "I have a hard time believing my diet, what I eat, is going to decide my fate" Nonetheless too many dinners of fried fish and chips just may put you in your grave a little earlier than you had planned. So today we head to Albany Park over at Wilson and Pulaski to a longtime neighborhood bar, McGill's.

An Albany Park locals favorite

This is the type of bar that locals love to flock to for a few reasons. The first being the friendly familiar faces and service. On top of that I'm not sure there's a better bar in Chicago for daily drink specials thus creating a shitload of regulars. Some of these deals include $10 domestic buckets of beer every day. Then there's Craft Beer Thursday's when all craft beers are just $3 and the list is impressive for a place like this. It's not just cheap drinks at McGill's, the food is more than reasonable as well. It had been at least three probably more like four or five years since I had been here and I switched that up this past Friday. We went on in around 3p and the place was already filled with regulars. We started with some beers followed by an order of wings.

McGill's Chicken Wing Basket

After a few ice cold brews it was time to get down to business which would be my first Friday fish fry of this 2012 lenten season. McGill's is popular for theirs which is said to be the exact same recipe that the late Clancy's Pub & Grub on Lincoln ave used to use. One of the real nice options McGill's lets you have when ordering your fish fry is they let you choose if you want AYCE after the first batch. So if what you got the first time around wasn't enough fish to fill you up, then you can decide to have the all you can eat. Just like the rest of the menu, both food and drink, the Friday fish fry is a great deal at $7.50 and filled me up the first go around. The fish was hand battered and cooked to a piping hot temperature that was just right so that it still flaked. Count me a fan and one who would be a regular if I lived near McGill's. I'll be back.

McGill's Friday Fish Fry special

McGill's Bar and Grill
4553 N Pulaski ave
Chicago, IL 60630
(773) 478-6096

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