Friday, November 5, 2010

OKC Onion Smashed Burgers @ Home

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Its that time of the year, for those of us in the Midwest anyways as winter approaches. I'm not one to take the entire winter off from the bbq game but I know some people have no interest in bbq'ing during the cold months. So today I am sharing with you how to make one of the best regional burger variations in our country. What is it you ask? The famous smashed onion burger a locals favorite around Oklahoma City and other parts of the state. In due time I will get to Oklahoma City and tour the famous places that serve these burgers. If you want to check out a great site about some of the states burgers THIS GUY'S round up is remarkable. But in the meantime I got a simple recipe I concocted up last month that was the best indoor cooked burger I have ever made, by far.

OKC Smashed Onion Burgers

Recipe (makes one)

-1 ball of fresh ground beef (1/4 lb)
-entire slice of an onion (as seen below)
-cheap burger bun
-slice of American cheese (or your preference)
-sliced pickles
-1/4 stick of butter
-salt and pepper for seasoning
-wax baking paper


1) Got some fresh ground beef? Good, now form them into balls and then slice a Spanish onion whole. Your going to need a flattop griddle to make these on, the surface needs to be flat that they are cooked on.

sliced onions and ball of beef

2) Throw the sliced onions on a super hot buttered flattop griddle and let them cook a few minutes until nicely charred and then flip them and throw the ball of beef on top of the onion followed by some wax paper. Take a heavy pot or pan and smash the ball of beef down into the onion and let cook for a couple minutes and then flip and do the same. Salt and pepper both sides.

Note: Be careful and make sure the ball is smashed perfectly into the onion as seen below

The onion needs to be smashed in, it takes some getting used to

3) When burger is about to come off throw your slice of cheese on and dress to your liking.

4) Enjoy.

It worked real well for the most part, a few of the the onions didn't get up in the patty's because they weren't smashed perfectly into them so you need to get a little touch for it. These things are by no means easy on the arteries but if your feeling like some calories and want a burger but don't want to go out, give the smashed onion burger from Oklahoma City a try at home. This is my favorite style of burgers with the balls being smashed down to form crispy edges. Good stuff.

Oklahoma onion smashed burger (one that didn't get smashed perfectly)

See ya next time on S'C'&C with da King. Big stuff coming....


Joe @ Joe's Burger Search said...

Oh yeah, I'd eat that!

Anonymous said...

I need to make one of those now.

Unknown said...

I made Onion Burgers tonight and they are excellent. Thanks for posting, or I most likely would not have come across them.

Anonymous said...

Smash burgers are the BOMB!!


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