Monday, October 12, 2020

Gino's North

-The other Chicago-style pizza: Tavern Style

My pick for best tavern thin pizza in Chicago will always be Pat's (on Lincoln). That said when one is discussing tavern thin pizza (key word - tavern) the atmosphere of a place is important too. Pat's doesn't have the same great atmosphere as say Vito & Nick's or even that of Gino's North. The latter of which I used to pass on the way to and from school every day after hopping off the Granville Red Line (I'm still amazed kids took the train by themselves back when). All that said I'd never been to Gino's despite wondering about it. I always thought it looked awesome but didn't make it in until recently. 

Locals Favorite in Edgewater 

Stepping into Gino's North is a step back into time. It feels more like an old school martini bar than it does a pizza parlor but there's still some elements of an old school pizza parlor. But it is indeed a martini bar too. On my visit (pre-covid) there were more people drinking martinis than there were those eating pizza. Though a few people came in to take pizzas to go. If you like old time dimly lit bars than Gino's North is about as good as it gets. If we ever get rid of corona go have a drink here.  

a peek inside 

The pizza is just ok. Good not great. Then again I’m picky to where I most always regret eating a thin sausage pizza that’s not Pat’s. Next time I’ll just get a martini and marvel at the fact the statue behind the bar has been here since the 1940’s. According to Chicago’s foremost food historian - Peter Engler aka ReneG at LTHforum - this place was called the Snowdrop up until the 70’s. Snowdrop also being the name of the nude statue the original bar owner had created by a local Swedish sculptor. Snowdrop as the statue is still called today is based on the woman who later became the owner of Gino's wife. The type of spot that's fading from Chicago so I'm happy to give them some business. 

Sausage Pizza at Gino's North 

Gino's North 
1111 W Granville Ave
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 465-1616


Matt said...

I love this place and have not been in so long. Can't wait to go back when the time comes. Thanks for the info on Snowdrop!

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