Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Perry's Pizza Joynt

-The other Chicago-style pizza: Tavern Style

Over the last year I've probably gone to a handful of old school Chicagoland pizza parlors for the first time. A testament to how many spots make a good pizza pie in the area. Most Chicagoan's are never far from a worthy of the calories locally owned pizzeria. I like to think I'm living proof that it's impossible to try all the spots in Chicagoland but I'm still going to try. Take Perry's Pizza Joynt out on North avenue in Northlake as example. I drove by this place so many times and always wondered when I did. It certainly had the looks of a classic pizza parlor I thought to myself but I was always busy with other stuff. It's location way out on North made it hard to try them without planning ahead.

A locals Favorite in Northlake 

Well one day last summer we made the ride to Northlake to try some pizza from Perry's. The space itself reminded alot of the dives up North in Wisconsin where it's extra dark inside and most of the furnishings were new back in the 70's. It felt like the pizza parlors of yesteryear were mixed in here and there. It was the middle of the day when we went but still the bar was crowded and there were quite a few locals in for lunch. Bc it was so dark we decided to get a large sausage to go so that I could snap a worthwhile picture which was accomplished as seen below. From the picture this pizza may look perfect and to some Northlake locals it probably is. If you were to ask me I'd put it in the middle of the second tier of spots meaning it's a good option to have if you live or work near there. The sausage was good, it wasn't too thick for a thin, but the bottom crust was lacking flavor and texture.

Pizza at Perry's Pizza Joynt

Perry's Pizza Joynt
39 North Ave
Northlake, IL 60164
(708) 562-5334

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Frank Fahey said...

It's a solid old school cheese bomb. It has its own personality. I
order it well done (cheese) and crisp (Crust.) It elevates this pie.


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