Wednesday, September 12, 2018


-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the cabbies eat

A month or two back I decided to show some Insta love to the immigrant owned mom and pop shops across Chicago. Each day of that week I featured a spot most folks probably hadn't heard of.  One of them was this Somalian owned restaurant on Orleans st. Most folks in the area have no clue as to what Mogadishu is. The answer is a spot that caters to the city's cab drivers from the Horn of Africa.

Locals Favorite on Orleans Street 

Mogadishu is one of those spots that pretty much only it's regulars know of. It's not going to be found unless you go looking for it and or Somalian food. While not as prevalent in Chicago as it is in other places like Minneapolis this is one of the city's lone suppliers of comfort food for those who hail from around the Horn of Africa. Everything is prepared fresh and served buffet style. Thus your best bet is to ask for the sampler platter which will net you a little bit of everything that's available. On my most recent visit that was barbecue chicken, salmon, chicken suqar, lentils, vegetables, and more. It was an insane amount of food for just over $10. Easily enough to feed two people or one hungry cab driver.

Sampler Platter at Mogadishu 

931 N Orleans St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 265-1850

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