Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Three More Shawarma Shops

-Grubbing in Chicago  
Where the locals eat

Whenever I want something that I feel is somewhat healthy, and not fried, I look towards shawarma. It's my go-to "healthy food" even if it's not exactly healthy. It's better for you than alot of what I eat. Chicago and it's surrounding suburbs have lots of options when it comes to shawarma but like pretty much everything else some are better than others. Today I take you to three stops I give my full seal of approval to. These are places I have eaten at more than once and will stay in my rotation. Lets roll.

Mr. Falafel

Locals Favorite in West Rogers Park

Located way North on California is this Iraqi owned falafel shop. It's looks are like that of many other Middle Eastern restaurants. The food however is better than most. For me it's all about the shawarma served with peppers and onions dish. If like me you enjoy a steaming plate of Tex-Mex fajitas you will find yourself indulging in this dish. It's got tons of fresh cut chicken shawarma mixed with sauteed peppers and onions. The fusion of Middle Eastern food and Tex-Mex is something thats pretty terrific. This dish isn't trying to be that on purpose but rather by mistake. I doubt the owners know much about Tex-Mex but they got something on their hands with this one. Check 'em out.

Shawarma with Peppers and Onions at Mr. Falafel

Adam's Kabob

Locals Favorite in Glenview 

Our next stop takes us to the Northern Suburb of Glenview for some fine strip mall dining. Adam's Kabob sits in a strip that touches both Lake street and also Waukegan. I stopped into here last year and came away much more impressed than I thought I would be. A lunch special for around $6 came with the most perfectly sliced chicken shawarma sitting on top of a bed of puffy basmati rice. Adam should hold a class teaching other shawarma shop owners how to slice their product to order.

Chicken Shawarma Lunch Special at Adam's Kabob

Falafel & Grill 

Locals Favorite in Wicker Park 

The final stop on today's tour takes us to my favorite. I probably go this place at last once a month. It's one of the better food options in the city when the clock is past 10pm. What makes this Lebanese owned place great? Everything! It's all delicious. The rice, the hot sauce, the only thing that I think is just ok is the falafel itself. But the chicken shawarma is best in the city for one simple reason. There's no flattop in the kitchen which means meat is sliced fresh from the spit and never sits in a holding tray. I always request my shawarma cut thin and it's always on point. My go-to order is usually the chicken shawarma plate which comes with this great hummus with a bit of relish sitting on top. Also good is the shawarma baked potato which comes with everything on a loaded potato with shawarma replacing the bacon. If you live near this place and haven't checked it out. What are you waiting for!

Baked Potato Shawarma at Falafel & Grill

Mr. Falafel
6404 N California Ave
Chicago, IL 60645
(773) 338-6666

Adam's Kabob
1410 Waukegan Rd #160
Glenview, IL 60025
(224) 432-5474

Falafel & Grill
1317 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 292-8888

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