Monday, April 25, 2016

Asian Cajun

-Grubbing in Chicago
Seafood in a Bag

2015 is long gone but the years biggest food trend doesn't seem to be going away. It was just last year that we saw the Viet-Cajun trend of seafood in a bag make it north. Places like Angry Crab and The Boiler have had lines ever since they opened. One day while driving down Ashland I noticed a new spot that caught my attention. Asian Cajun was now open and it looked to be one of these extremely popular Asian-Cajun seafood spots so I was intrigued. Then recently I saw a very positive review coming from someone I trust over on LTH so I made a note to check this place out.

Newly Opened in Lincoln Park

When I stopped to peek at the menu upon first learning of the place one thing really stood out. That was the crawfish fried rice. It's also mentioned in the review on LTH, as being damn good. So I knew this would be on our table upon ordering. As mentioned this is a nice and smokey example with ample amounts of sausage and some slightly smaller than norm tails but thats to be expected when reheating crawfish. It comes in a big steel bowl and can easily feed two people on just it alone.

Crawfish Fried Rice 

Then there's the boiled seafood. That's why people were here. I saw more people dining in last night then I ever saw coming in or out of the previous tenants restaurant. These seafood in a bag type spots aren't for those looking to stay clean. Boiled seafood comes soaked in an Asian inspired sauce of your choice. You will get your hands dirty. But in the case of Asian Cajun you'll also get some near perfect seafood. We had an order of Snow Crab which was great and followed that up with an order of King Crab which was even better. I think it was the best product I've ever had from one of these spots and that includes those I stopped into when down in New Orleans. Best part is the lines you'll find at Angry Crab are non-existent here, and it's byob. Go get yourself dirty.

Trifecta Sauced Crab Legs

The Asian Cajun
2428 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 831-5958

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