Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Charcoal Flame

-Grubbing in Chicago(land)
Greek Eats

There was a period when I would rate gyro spots around town but it became clear that damn near every place that has them on the menu uses the factory made cones produced in Chicago. So they basically all taste the same. Some spots do a better job at carving the meat while others have homemade tzatziki but in the end most taste the same. I want homemade. Enter Charcoal Flame.

Locals Favorite in Morton Grove 

Located out on Dempster street in the burbs I was intrigued by a review I read which mentioned homemade gyros. I can count on one hand the amount of spots I know that do homemade so this was a meal I would return for. You can tell that the building used to house a different Greek style fast food place and theres mentions of it online. I guess the previous tenant was beloved but the love quickly switched over to Charcoal Flame. They do a homemade pork gyro here and the thinly shaven slices are excellent. The plate comes piled high with your choice of sides, salad, and a big bowl of soup. It's all made on site and it will only set you back $10 and change. I envision a return visit. 

Homemade Gyro Plate

Charcoal Flame
6800 W Dempster St
Morton Grove, IL 60053
(847) 966-1200

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