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Reno Chicago

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the hipsters eat.

In the last five years Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood has transformed itself into one of the best areas in the country to eat and drink. There's no shortage whatsoever. Man could never leave the neighborhood for a year and be satisfied with the options it presents. Today we check out a place located right on the Square. Reno bills itself as a little bit of everything. Let's roll.

Locals favorite in Logan Square

The slogan Reno likes to go by is 'Morning, Noon, Night' and that reflects both the time of the day they're open and also the menu. Reno bakes their own bagels and offers them as an early morning option. You can go normal and enjoy one with just cream cheese or you can order one of their custom sandwiches. I like 'The Hook' featuring a sesame seeded bagel that gets dressed with togarashi lox, sliced cucumber, avocado, artichoke cream cheese, and red onion. Good way to start the day.

The Hook Sandwich

Then there's the lunch menu which also features a handful of sandwiches. One of which the Tribune's Kevin pang called the best fried chicken sandwich in Chicago. While I don't agree with that assessment. Labeled the 'Pine' on the menu this is a chicken thigh fried that gets topped with white cheddar, dill pickles and hot honey. My biggest problem is the cheese turns to rubber pretty damn quickly. Its not a bad sandwich but it's also not the best chicken sandwich in the city.

The Pine Sandwich

In the evenings Reno has pizza on the menu and on Tuesday's they go for 2 for $20 so try and visit them then to get a taste of more than one offering. Although I will say that my favorite by far is the 'The Hog' made with pork carnitas as the main topping. It also includes salsa verde, mozzarella, rajas, and cotija cheese. One of the better non-traditional pizza pies that I've tried. Reno, I'm a fan.

The Hog Pizza

Reno Chicago
2607 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 697-4234

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