Friday, June 5, 2015

Daytrip to Southwest Michigan

Eating like a local:
Regional food specialties

-Farm to Table Food and Fresh Local Produce Up the Lake

According to some of the farms in Western Michigan strawberry season is near! June 11th to be exact though I'm sure some spots have already started harvesting them. It just so happens that last year around this time we took a ride to make a daytrip out of both the beach and strawberries. This is about a 2 hour ride from the city so unless you cant sit still for that time period there's no reason not to get away to an area sporting some of the best beaches and berries in the country. Pure Michigan.

South Haven, MI

We stopped in at Salt of the Earth in Fennville after the sand. We got some cocktails and decided to try some fresh cut fries and a pizza. Of course we were told how good it was and I guess the chef has been playing around with the dough for a while now and is happy with where its at. I ate 3/4's of it by myself so I didn't hate it I'm just not a big fan of the thicker cut puffier crust pizzas like these. I prefer mine tavern thin or similar to those found at woodfire stops. The toppings were good as were the fries and it all made for a nice snack which came with friendly service. Cute place.

Salt of the Earth in Fennville

Fresh Cut Fries

Whole Hog: Fresh Garlic Sausage - House Bacon - Sopressata

I've featured Earl's Farm in Fennville on here before in an article on 'Eatin Up Lake Michigan' and it's good enough to get another shoutout. The fourth generation farm is open everyday this summer.

Earl's Berry Farm in Fennville, MI

"Earl’s Farm Market offers their berries U-Pick and/or freshly picked waiting for you to pick up.  In 2003, the bakery and ice cream shop were added, along with the Michigan farm market. The farm market sells locally grown Michigan produce." In my experiences there whatever season it is the product will be good. Whether strawberries, or blueberries Earl's does them well. The strawberries from last year were outstanding, I took a case to-go. Be sure to stop into their kitchen room for a classic rendition of Strawberry shortcake, talk about great. Love this place.

Summer in Pure Michigan

Salt of the Earth
114 E Main St
Fennville, MI 49408
(269) 561-7258

Earl's Farm Market
1630 Blue Star Highway
Fennville, MI 49408
(269) 227-2074

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