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Wurst Kitchen

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Tucked away in a residential neighborhood out in Aurora is one of the states oldest butchers. Wurst Kitchen has been at it since 1885. Just last year they celebrated their 118th anniversary. They started out serving a predominantly German community becoming well known for high quality fresh meats and especially for their homemade German sausages.

Aurora, IL

During the course of the year Wurst Kitchen makes over 80 different varieties of encased meats.  Customers have been known to drive hundreds of miles out of their way to buy sausage. I've been known to take the drive from Chicago as these are some of the best brats you'll find anywhere.

As we enter

They've been making these coveted brats since they opened up shop back in 1895 when Aurora was predominately German. From their original recipe brats down to the German potato salad they make a great amount of stuff for a small shop on a quiet neighborhood corner. The people behind the counter are extra friendly, always making sure you get what you need.

Image Image
Some of the goods in the display case

Fresh and Grilled Bratwurst 

Your options are a wide range of encased meats, not just brats. My buddy the Grub Seeker swears by the uber garlic brats, others love the spicy "Kicker" ones and while those will both be in my future I think their original recipe brats are right on par with Ream's. A taste off might be in order but both happen to be sitting in the same elite seats so who cares. I always pick up a couple packs of their just made English Bangers and they are great. I'll stock the freezer with those and plenty of other treats for winter party time. This recipe HERE is one of my go-to's on a cold winter night. Excellent!

Wurst Kitchen English Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy at Home

Wurst Kitchen
638 2nd Ave
Aurora, IL 60505
(630) 898-9242

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