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Del Toro

-Eating like a Mayan King in the Windy City

There isn't that much out there on the WWW about Del Toro on Halsted just north of Cermak. It sits in a little unassuming spot next to a liquor store right in between Nightwood and Skylark. So I can see how it might not be peoples first choice for food and drink if on the block. But it's a nice little place and really good option to have if you live near there or if you ever wanna get some drinks and have something to eat while you do.

Halsted just north of Cermak in Pilsen

I've been thru here more than a handful of times since first stopping in maybe six months or so ago. I like it first and foremost for the very reasonably priced well made drinks and their small menu with small plate selections. Cocktails are of course Latin based so that means mostly tequila and a few with rum but the guy who's usually behind the bar can whip up some good drinks not on the menu if you describe what you want. Regular priced cocktails average out to about $7 each which is pretty fair for what they're giving you.

Pepino Cocktail and a Mango Margarita

My favorite drink there is their version of a Pepino, which has been great this heated summer. The margarita's and the freshly made mojitos are refreshing too. Mondays you can get margaritas and mojitos for $4/each and they have good drink specials thru Thurs. Foodwise prices range from $3 to $7/8 a plate. The food is a nice compliment to the drinks. Not life changing but good modern Mexican. Their guacamole which is made fresh with little bits of pineapple is outstanding and at $5 an order a great value in my eyes but the chips are from a bag and that sucks. The queso fundido was just ok and they do a grilled fish taco as opposed to fried which I know some people prefer, including me but their grilled version is tasty.

Chips & Guac

Image Image
Queso Fundido - Fish taco

Del Toro Burger: Freshly made mini beef patty with cheese, habenero and onion inside

I think the burgers might of been switched up and they now come two to an order but they used to be able to get just one if you wanted. It was a great snack that would fill me up for under $3.25. Despite being small they didn't manage to overcook the meat the couple times I tried. The sopes are homemade but I haven't got them since the first time I ordered them. They were ok. It's just more so due to the fact I really like their marinated pork tacos that I haven't got them since.

Chorizo Sopes

The pork tacos have a really nice flavor to them and I like how they cook up each piece to a nice consistency that leaves some with a nice crunch kick to it. I tend to go with these and maybe some guac along with a few cocktails each visit. All in all this is a good spot to go and have a drink and something to eat both of which are made fresh made and fairly priced. They have a few tables and a bar to sit at where they show any local/national sporting events on two nice TV's. It seems to be fitting in as a popular neighborhood place on that little stretch of Halsted between Cermak and 21st street. I like what they're doing.

Marinated Pork Taco

Del Toro
2133 South Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 733-7144

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