Friday, July 9, 2010

Romano's Pizza Drive In

-Exploring NW Indiana

On we go, this time across the border back to Northwest Indiana. I've been to a few places around Highland, IN and they're all old school spots where not much has changed and the visitors keep coming back. I had been meaning to get to Romano's Pizza drive-In in Highland since I drove by it a few summers ago. Its got the classic Drive In look and pizza is one of the big hits. I've never been to a pizza Drive In. But since it opens at 4:30 I never had the chance to try it since I was never in the area after they open. But my time finally came last Fall when I remembered about it while in the area and so we took a cruise on over.

Since the 50's in Highland, IN

The building in the Drive In lot

always gotta try whatever a place is the home of...

a little history lesson for ya (click pic to enlarge)

The Drive In Menu (click pic to enlarge)

The Drive In is no longer in operation and you go inside to place orders and so we did just that. I talked to the 20 something kid working and asked about the pizza and he said its a 30-40 minute wait and I didn't feel like waiting. I asked him whats popular and he told me they sell more of the ham hoagies then anything on the menu including pizza. I also saw the sign about it being the "Home of the Hoagie" and you can tell from the menu that they are the signature items b/c they are on top of the list listing the rest of the offerings. Luckily I was with my friends and we decided to go with a Ham hoagie and also a Romano burger. This burger consisted of two hand made patty's served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese and sauce. I was pleasantly surprised with both the quality and taste. The red sauce gave t a Italian meatball like hamburger. It could of been even better if they didn't use American cheese and had provolone on there instead.

Romano Burger

As I sat waiting for my order I was wondering if maybe the hoagie and this burger are maybe West Virginia regional eats b/c I know that they have alot of old school Italian places like Romano's in West Virginia. The menu also had pizza bread and sauceless spicy pizza which may or may not be a WV connection as well. It was off to a good start when he put two fresh beef patties on the griddle and then it continued with a nice burger and ended with a bang.

Romano's #1 seller-the Ham Hoagie

I thought this was a damn fine sandwich and can see why its the best seller. I don't know what type of cheese they use but they basically take a brick of it and wrap a piece of ham around it and cook it up on the flattop until the ham is crisp and cheese melts a little. They then add lettuce, tomato and mayo and press the bun down to toast it. While it would of been nice if they used a little more ham it was a great hoagie. If it was near me Id get here at least once a month for one. Romano's is a spot I'll be back to soon one day to try theur pizza and some other offerings. It fit the description of an old school roadfood joint loved by locals and the food was pretty darn good. just another spot lost in time in Northwest Indiana.

so much cheese that this sandwich would be a #1 seller in WI too

Romano's Pizza Drive In
3808 Ridge Rd
Highland, IN 46322
opens @ 430p

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hawk krall said...

Surprised they call it a "Hoagie" in Indiana.. thought that term was pretty exclusive to Philadelphia & Jersey. Here a hoagie is not usually served hot but that looks real good with the melted cheese.

Anonymous said...

The next time you are in Northwest Indiana, you MUST try Munster Gyros. Yes, their gyros are great, but I love their ITALIAN BEEF sandwiches. If you get off of 80/94 at Calumet Ave., just head South. They'll be on the left (East) side of the road shortly before Ridge Road.

Justin S. said...

Romano's is no longer in business. They shut down and a new business opened up (by new owners) named Amici's. Amici's is one of the best small restaurants I have ever been to and I definitely recommend giving them a try.

Don K. said...

They're still in business. Their new address is...

840 South Broad Street (Corner of Broad and Ave. H)
Griffith, IN 46319
(219) 838-1731


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