Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Special: Pig Roastin'

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

It's that time of the year, my favorite holiday which would mean Happy 4th of July to all. Is there a better celebration? I don't think so. Not when its all about being outdoors, grilling, smokin' BBQ and drinking drinks and lighting fireworks and the only thing your supposed to do is have a good time, which isn't ever hard. There's going to be tons of smoke in the air this Sunday when people take to their parks and backyards and celebrate America's Independence day. I'm just starting to figure out whats going to be done for my festivities and so in the meantime I wanted to share the results of a recent pig roast party I went to down in Lasalle County thrown by my buddy Jim who is an avid smoker. There arent too many weekends that pass where Jim isn't smokin' some meats of some sort out in his backyard and having a High Life. Check out his adventures in the wide world of food right HERE.

Where the pig was made...a great one indeed

Jim got a 94 lb pig from a local butcher down in his county. It came head on, trotters removed, and butterflied. He roasted it whole using a La Caja China which is a specialty from down south in Miami used for roasting pigs and other meats of choice. You can see it pictured above and the pig goes in the box and is covered with the top which is layered with charcoal and it cooks for hours on end until the meat is ready. You can learn all about them from their website and might even want one in your collection. The night before Jim injected the whole pig with mojo and rubbed it with pineapple juice. it was then put it on ice until the party with some 70+ guests started the next Saturday morning. Even though this party was back in June it's what the fourth of July is all about and that's having a good old time. We had people from all over and all walks of life and a buffet and drinks bar that was as good as it gets. On top of the star of the show the roasted pig, we had everything from ABT's to grilled lobster to fresh made rum punch and it was a blast.

We had two types of ABT's, both were tailgate champion worthy

After the piggy went on at about 7a it was taken off around 2p and looked just perfect. I don't know if there's anything better than perfect but the pig was it.

Ready to roll

Looking good

Eat up

Great company and some glorious food made for a grand time and make sure that's how you spend your upcoming fourth of July holiday. Holiday. Check out my guy Jim's site right HERE.


Pork Drunk said...

truly jealous, that looks like a lot of fun, hours of slowly cooked pig, sides, drinks, have a nice buddy there. how was the skin? nice and crispy? did you pick off some cheek meat? oh so tender!

Jim said...

Im glad you made it out for the roast, and we hope to do it again next year.


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