Wednesday, June 23, 2010

De Pasada

-Got Beef? taco's de carne asada

We're back on the steak taco tour. Ashland ave is home to many taquerias and has been for some time. That list includes De Pasada on the 1100 N. block of it in Ukrainian Village. Its been around for a while now and I hadn't been in a long time since La Pasadita is right down the street but I stopped in a month or so back to try some of their tacos de carne asada.

Located along Ashland ave

Its hard to get a good read on this place. The hours can vary greatly and sometimes there's no one in there other times there's a nice crowd. There had been times before when I was going to stop in and get a couple tacos but they weren't open at a time they usually were and seem to have late night hours but sometimes they arent open. I have been to their other location over on Taylor st. but I believe this to be the original. Aside from their steak tacos the breakfast burrittos also seem to be ordered by a few people on my last visit. I did make a mental note that maybe I should come back and try one but this visit was all about the steak tacos. I went with a steak taco dinner which included three steak tacos and some rice and beans. It was a pretty good deal but would it be any good?

Steak Taco Dinner from De Pasada

I'm afraid that really wasn't the case on my most recent visit. I've come to expect a good steak product when I'm getting steak tacos from a popular authentic place and that just wasn't the deal on my visit. The tortillas were barely warmed thru and the steak must of been cooked a while ahead. It had no juice and was basically dried out but not in a good taco cecina type way. I might get back one day for one of those breakfast burrittos they have on the chalkboard but I don't think I'll be back for tacos de carne asasda anytime soon.

Up Close of a steak taco from De Pasada

Rating Scale 5/5

steak: 3
cilantro/onions: 3
tortilla: 2
salsa: 3

Score: 11/20

De Pasada
1108 N. Ashland ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 278-4886


Brad said...

Good to know it doesn't thrill. I've been wanting to go there as it's in the neighborhood, but how can I with La Pasadita next door? Nothing compares and I shall not be led astray.

Ben said...

When I went here, I ordered carne asada as well and they just threw some previously cooked meat in the microwave and nuked it before handing it to me. Maybe this is one of those places you need to hit at lunch time, but with the wealth of other options on Ashland I don't think I'll be back anytime soon.


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