Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grilln' the 4th: The Land of Encased Meats

~Fireworks on the 4th Special
Part 2: Da Tubes

Is there anything more American when it comes to sausage? a quick cruise thru the sausage aisle at your local supermarket will take you across the globe from Germany to Poland, Spain to Mexico and all parts in between. When people came to America by boat in search of freedom and better times they brought with them their family's sausage recipes and soon opened butcher shops and before you knew it the U.S was the land of encased meats. Do you and your guests a favor this 4th and fire up your grill with these All-American sausages and skip the Oscar Meyar's. Here is the 1st installment of the Tube edition of Fire & Fireworks on the 4th.

The All-American Brat

Its not hard to recreate a perfect brat like those you would get traveling the roads of Wisconsin this summer. In fact its about as easy as it is to make a boring hot dog with ketchup and mustard. Do you have something that is as much a part of your summer as the brat is part of America's? Then enter it into the create your own _____ville contest over at Johnsonville for a chance at $10,000 in cash and prizes. Dont have one you think is worthy? Vote for one of mine.

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Brats from your local butcher or some Johnsonville Original Brats
a few cans of Wisconsin beer such as High Life
1 stick of butter
3 onions sliced
mustard of choice
brat buns

^What you'll need

^Step 1: melt 1/4 stick of the butter in a pan large enough to boil your brats in
~add onions and saute in butter until translucent

^ Step 2: add beer and rest of the butter to the pot and bring to boil and add brats
~reduce heat to simmer and let sit in tub for 10-15 minutes

^Step 3: Remove brats from beer and grill them until nicely charred

^Step 4: add charred brats back into the beer and butter pool and allow guests to dress their own brats

Do it right this 4th

favorite sausage? Johnson

Bears, Hawks, Cubs, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls

chibbqking Presents the
Bill Swerski Polish

Natural Casing Polish Sausage from the Vienna Beef Factory Store

Click Here for info on making the perfect Polish

Char Cheddar Bacon Cheese Dogs

Vienna Beef Natural casing Hot Dog

Topped with Merkt's Cheddar and Crispy Bacon. Click Here for info.

Best of Chicago Sausage Sandwich

^This is a chibbqking creation consisting of char-grilled hot Italian Sausage from Freddy's in Cicero topped with Pop's Beef hot peppers served on D'Amato's Bakery French bread.

Vienna Beef Factory Outlet
2501 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647-2101
(773) 278-7800

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