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Wild Wings & Slots

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Korean Wings and Video Poker in Westchester

Anyone that keeps on eye out on strip malls and the businesses inside of them knows that most every suburban strip mall outside of Chicago has a slots bar. They're all over and for the most part they're as generic as it gets. The same signage, same colors, and the same games lined up in the same way. I'd wondered before why they don't try to stand out individually and figured maybe the type of people that visit these spots don't care what kind of atmosphere you have or what type of food and drink is on offer. Recently I came across a spot that does care. Wild Wings & Slots in Westchester.

Locals Favorite in Westchester

WW&S is located in a small three store strip mall on Cermak road. It sits behind a Jewel so it's kind of an odd location that can evade some. But as regular readers know nothing evades me. As soon as you walk in the lights start flashing from the machines. Then you're greeted by a friendly bartender / cook which is an immediate 180 from most other video gaming bars where the employees can be downright depressing. I guess the difference here is WW&S is also a bar and a restaurant.

a peek inside

After walking in we took a seat at the small maybe five person bar. The friendly lady behind the counter was working on a pickup order which I saw as a good sign - that people come here for more than just a few games of video poker. As you may have guessed from the name Wild Wings & Slots has a chicken wing focused menu. Though these aren't your typical bars style of wings unless you live in a heavily populated Korean neighborhood where Korean style chicken wings reign supreme over the likes of Buffalo, BBQ, and others. Our meal began with a nice little banchan presentation of kimchi and radishes. After that out came our fries which a few people raved about online. They're battered so those that like them extra crispy will get a kick out of these. Chopped green onion on top.

Fries at Wild Wings & Slots 

Korean wings are broken down into two flavors. Both the Mama So Secret (bottom) and the Kam-Pongi (top) are worthy choices. Mama So Secret sauce is described as having homemade traditional Korean BBQ sauce, butter garlic, and sweet + smokey herbs and spices. They're sprinkled with sesame seeds and chopped green onions. The Kam-Pongi flavor was made with sweet chile sauce and roasted garlic. For whatever reason they reminded me alot of Orange Chicken. Which then had me asking how come more places don't use that as a flavor when it comes to wings. These were smaller (separated) than most Korean wing served and I'm ok with that as I prefer the wings not be huge. Overall I really liked our trip to WW&S for both the delicious bar food and the friendly service.

Korean Wings at Wild Wings & Slots

Wild Wings & Slots
10446 Cermak Rd
Westchester, IL 60154
(708) 223-8681

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