Friday, November 9, 2018

Smack Dab

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Delicious Biscuits and More in Rogers Park

Long time coming for today's post. Smack Dab's location all the way at the very North end of Clark street is a bit of a ways away. So I don't get there often but I always enjoy it when I do. Smack Dab has steadily grown in the last couple years. They may have been a pop up to start I'm not sure. I do remember when they were a weekends only establishment. Of late they're open every day except Monday. I haven't had the chance to go but they just started weekend pizza dinners. They look good.

 Locals Favorite in Rogers Park 

Smack Dab became known through it's baking. They still bake a bunch of stuff these days and the donuts are always popular. I like them alot when I can get one. There's been a couple times they were sold out. I don't do coffee but obviously they have a very nice coffee program for those that do.

 Donut at Smack Dab 

It's not listed on the menu anymore but I'm told the Chifa Chaufa is always available. Smack Dab's loose interpretation of the Peruvian-Chinese classic is one of my favorite breakfast bowls in the city. It's fried wild rice with some crisp veggies, egg, and Peruvian aji sauce. No meat but I'm sure they have an option to add some. That said it doesn't really need any. They oil it up just right. Good stuff.

Chifa Chaufa Bowl at Smack Dab 

Then there's the biscuit sandwiches. These are the most popular item on the menu and the other thing that helped Smack Dab build a steady case of repeat customers. There's a handful of options available and all are served on a house baked cheesy-herby biscuit. You can build your own and my choice of sausage, egg, and aji sauce was wonderful. That biscuit is damn good for a Northerner.

Biscuit Sandwich at Smack Dab Bakery

Smack Dab
6730 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60626
(872) 241-9111

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