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-Grubbing in Chicago
New to the 'Scene'

Did you know I do the fancy places too? Of course I do. I love food. All of it. So while you may have never seen a Next round-up that doesn't mean I dont like to experience the fancy places. Today's stop is fancy though I wouldn't call it super upscale. Roister is the casual spot from the Alinea team. Chef Grant Achatz's lunch-time place over on Fulton street.

Locals favorite in the West Loop

We wanted something good for lunch on my bday which fell on a Monday and Roister was the best option. I was surprised to arrive to what was basically an empty house. Though there were people at the bar/viewing table there weren't many in the seats where we were. The lunchtime menu at Roister is pretty simple. They dont have a ton of options but with the resume these people have you know whats being served is going to be good. Our starter was an order of fries. Of course these just weren't any fries. The trend of fresh thick cut fries is one I can ride behind. Just make sure to fry them until crispy. Roister does just this and the addition of bonito flakes takes these to a bonkers type level.

Yukon Fries - soy dusted, bonito flakes, tofu mayo

The lunchtime options that are getting lots of love are the sandwiches. We were going to each order one on top of another entree but our waiter nicely pointed out that would be a ton of food. So we decided to ditch the grits, which I've heard are great, and one of us got the fried bologna sandwich and the other got the chicken sandwich. First off the baloney sandwich trend is alive and well. I liked this version better than Au Chevel but still think the best one I've tried was in St. Paul of all places.

Fried Bologna Sandwich - olive relish, yellow mustard, provolone

Then there's the chicken sandwich. I've read some people saying it's the best of it's kind anywhere. High praise indeed. I have to say the whole this is the best thing in the world thing is always a huge exaggeration when that claim is made and that's probably the case with this one as well. Nonetheless this is a fine fried chicken sandwich and certainly one of the better ones I can remember. But I might have to go with the sandwich at R U Hungry. No joke. Though comparing the two is apples and oranges as they're in different categories. Final thoughts on Roister? It was very fairly priced.

Fried Chicken Sandwich - sunchoke hot sauce, chamomile mayo

Roister Restaurant
951 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607

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