Monday, August 21, 2017

D & C Hot Dogs

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

Welcome back to the 'Chicagoland Hot Dog Stand Tour'. Your #1 source for knowledge on Chicago's unmatched hot dog culture. There's a fun little round-up going on over at the Tribune this month that highlights these stands. All of which have been seen on here. One story they wont be telling is that of Chicago's Asian owned Hot Dog stands. They wont be telling it for the simple reason that it's a story that if known would've been told by somebody, somewhere already. While I've been slowly putting this story together for another publication lets take a look at yet another one of these off the grid spots.

Locals Favorite in Logan Square 

The most obvious way to spot an Asian owned hot dog stand is the announcement of fried rice on the sign. That's the case with D & C (or is it Jack's?) which sits on Armitage just East of Central Park ave. It's a prototypical Chicagoland hot dog stand except it's owned by an elderly Asian couple and not some Northwest Sider with a super thick accent. Jack's menu has all the Chicago classics including of course a hot dog. It's just ok and that's ok bc that's not what makes them stand out.

Hot Dog Everything at Jack's Hot Dogs aka D & C Hot Dogs

Usually it's the lady running the shop and she's barely visible over the counter. But what is visible is a big old wok next to the deep fryer. This is of course for the fried rice. It's one of a couple "Asian" dishes on the menu and it's totally worth ordering. Just a few minutes after that order you will hear sizzles from the rice and the smell of the place suddenly switches from char burgers to wok fried rice. It's a classic version of the dish and it's made the way I like it which includes well browned rice. Yes folks, some of the best fried rice in Chicago is found inside the city's hot dog stands. I look forward to bringing this story to light real soon. In the meantime go visit Jack's and see for yourself. Enjoy.

Fried Rice at D & C Hot Dogs aka Jack's Hot Dog Stand

D & C Hot Dogs
3577 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 489-2252

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