Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Yeero Revolution

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Due to some glowing reviews I had wanted to try out Yeero Revolution in Evanston for some time. It's not your typical Greek gyro place in that they aren't getting their cones from a warehouse but rather making them on site. Yeero Revolution opened towards the end of 2016 and as mentioned did so to some good reviews. I'm all about spit roasted meat so I had to go check it out for myself. I'm rarely if ever in Evanston so I made a special trip out there to try it one recent summer night.

Newly Opened in Evanston 

I arrived around 7p and you could tell they were starting to shut down as they close at 8p. This meant there were no spits in motion and all the meat had been pre-sliced. I hate that shit, whats the point in cooking it on a vertical spit? Yeero Revolution offers gyros made with beef and lamb as well as a pork belly option and a chicken one too. I opted for the pork belly and bc I was hungry got it as a plate opposed to just a sandwich. I guess because they were close to closing they ran out of rice so I got fries alongside it. What I received was a plate with a small handful of pork gyros that must have been the end of it. The pieces were barely bigger than a nickel. The first thing I think of when gyro plate is mentioned is a big ass plate of food and this wasn't that. Maybe they ran out since they close so early? If so I cant see how this isn't a constant problem with people coming in around 7p which isn't all that late. The product itself was good but the delivery of it was pretty weak. It's more than possible this isn't the norm and I just caught them at a bad time. I will try them again one day.

Pork Belly Gyro Plate at Yeero Revolution 

Yeero Revolution
1009 Davis St
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 905-0213

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