Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Raising Cane's

-Grubbing in Chicago  
Southern Fast Food in the SW Suburbs

As many of you know I love my regional eats. The stuff you cant find everywhere. And while I may not love corporate American fast food I do like to try the spots that arent found everywhere. So to my surprise while driving down Harlem just yesterday I spied a Raising Cane's. What's that some of you might ask? It's a regional fast food chain which just recently moved into the Chicagoland market. They were found in Baton Rouge, LA in 1996 and have over 300 locations today. Most in the South.

Southern Fast Food joint now in Chicago's South Suburbs

The suburb of Riverside received the first Chicagoland location (Oak Lawn also has one) and from the looks of traffic they're doing pretty well. I was familiar with Cane's before this as it's my wife's favorite place for a quick bite when she's back home in Dallas. That said I never joined her for chicken fingers which is what Cane's is all about. The menu is small with the tenders being joined by crinkle cut fries, cole slaw, and Texas Toast. That's about it. Aside from the fact their signature chicken fingers are made on site (and not pre-breaded in a factory etc) people also go crazy for their signature sauce. My thoughts? Not bad for fast food. Certainly not something you'll list on your end of the year 'Best Of...' list but not bad at all for fast food. The sauce is said to be a combo of mayo, ketchup and seasonings and I agree it works well with the tenders and fries. Will I be back? Depends on whether or not I see it in an airport while hungry. It's fast food and it did what it was supposed to.

 Chicken Tenders and Cane's Sauce at Raising Cane's

Raising Cane's
2514 Harlem Ave
Riverside, IL 60546
(708) 442-3433

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