Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bree Thai

-Grubbing in Chicago  
Southside Thai

Bree Thai probably isn't making anyone in the knows list for best Thai restaurant in Chicago. Located on the Southside near the intersection of Archer and Central it's one of those spots that caters to a mostly non-Thai crowd. This means lots of American-Thai suspects (ex. Pad Thai) on the menu. Nonetheless it's neighbors like it and you cant knock them for that when the other options are pretty much the same three things (Chicago Fast Food, Pizza, Tacos). Sometimes a change of pace is nice even if that change if pace isn't the most "authentic" of flavors. As if most customers know those.

Locals Favorite out by Midway 

The reason I know about this place is simple. I like browsing menus in search of something unique. Be it at a Mexican restaurant, a Thai joint, or even an American diner, I like to find items on offer you can't get elsewhere. It so happens that Bree Thai has an item like this on their menu. Labeled "Thai Southern Fried Rice" this dish has actually been pretty crave-worthy since I first tried it. It's made with stir fried rice mixed with egg, carrots, green peas, and raisins. The fried rice comes topped with deep fried crispy chicken which is what makes the plate worth it. The chicken is fried as crisp as any piece I've come across and makes for what are basically the best chicken nuggets I've come across. A typical sweet and sour type dipping sauce and some fried rice round it all out. A dish that anyone of any age can enjoy. Authentic? Doubtful. Delicious? Without a doubt.

Southern Thai Fried Rice 

Bree Thai
5306 S Central Ave
Chicago, IL 60638
(773) 767-3200

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