Monday, January 9, 2017

Middle Eastern Flair

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Middle Eastern Eats

You might remember the sign below from it's days over on Harlem. Middle Eastern Fair used to be housed on the 4100 block of Harlem until a dispute with their landlord forced them to move. I was recently happy to see that they've settled in nicely at their new location on West Irving Park Road just east of Cumberland. Upon walking inside for the first time it felt almost exactly like the old spot.

Newly relocated in Dunning 

Middle Eastern Flair is 1/3 grocery, 1/3 bakery, and 1/3 restaurant. While the old location was mostly takeout as far as prepared foods the new one has a nice little dining area. Though takeout still seems to be the popular form of purchase. The store has a wonderful smell coming from the abundance of fresh baked goods on offer at the counter which is where most of the prepared food is waiting.

 a peek inside 

The menu at Middle Eastern Flair includes the commonly found items of Middle Eastern menus but also some house specialties. Stuff like falafel and shawarma is on offer but there's more to the menu than just that. Their falafel is legit I just wish they fried it fresh. All about the timing I guess.

Well Spiced Falafel on offer 

But to me the real reason to go here is the roast chicken I learned about from a fellow food fan. He spoke in high praise of the bird and I zeroed in on his praise making sure to check it out the next chance I had. Well I've now been a fan since their old location. One of the most well seasoned chickens you'll ever try. Maybe a tad dry at times but it doesn't matter much when the flavor of the meat makes your mouth pop in the way this one does. I recommend ordering a full bird alongside an order of their Uzzie rice. This rice dish is best described as a Middle Eastern style of fried rice. Little bits of beef shawarma are tossed in alongside vegetables, nuts, and tons of secret spicing. Delicious.

Roast Chicken and Uzie Rice 

Middle Eastern Flair
8235 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 589-3144

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