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Chicago's Ethnic Bakeries

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Where the bakery snacks at?

If one wants to get an idea of Chicago's diversity when it comes to food, look no further than the city's bakeries. It's inside these businesses where one can get a peek into the culture of the people behind them. It's not just the many Eastern European owned spots focusing on pastries and such. Pretty much any type of cuisine regularly available in Chicago restaurants has a spot where you can purchase baked goods from the same food background. Today we take a look at three of them.

Antojitos Colombianos

 Colombian Bakery in Portage Park 

This Colombian owned bakery doubles as a cafeteria where many of Chicagoland's Colombian population likes to hang out. They stay busy supplying plates of home cooked food as well as baked goods to those looking for a taste of home. I try to stop in when I find myself on the stretch of Milwaukee on which it sits. I still need to try the food specials as I've stuck to the baked goods.

 a peek inside 

I find their Colombian Empanadas to be a great snack in the under $2 category. I prefer the beef which gets mixed with potatoes to form a creamy consistency. One of those with a still warm elephant ear is a nice way to start the day. Cheaper than most any fast food outlet. Eat local.

Empanada and Elephant Ear

Pisyang Snacks 

 Filipino Bakery in Irving Park 

This place opened up last year and caught my eye. Filipino food is really having it's moment as more and more chefs become attracted to it's endless array of flavors. I stopped in here over the summer and chatted it up with a nice older lady who seemed to be the proprietor. This is your spot if you got a hankering for garlic Salted Peanuts, Mango Cheesecake, and other Filipino treats.

a peek inside

On my first trip in the warm buns inside caught my eye. I learned that Filipinos have their own style of Chinese steamed buns called Siopao. This one was stuffed with BBQ pork and tasted great. I've been back a couple times since but they dont always have them as they can sell out and such. I told her to throw in a few pieces of her favorite sweet treats as I was unfamiliar with pretty much all of it. I dont know how she knew I love coconut but I'm now hooked on the snack seen in the pic below. Coconut tart is buttery and full of coconut flavor. Try the jackfruit option as well. Love this spot.

Filipino Snacks 

Taza Bakery

 Middle Eastern Bakery on Devon 

Taza is a longtime favorite. The only reason I never posted about it before was I always seem to stop in unexpected and sans camera. Taza doubles as a restaurant where most of the menu items feature their fresh baked breads. Items like lahembajin and shawarma. You can see much of the menu below.

 a peek inside

Another reason I haven't had a chance to do a full feature is the fact I most always get a couple spinach pies. These are one of my favorite vegetarian snacks in the city and again one of the better things you'll eat for under $2. I always get a few extra for the fridge. See y'all next time.

Spinach Pie

Antojitos Colombianos
4208 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60641
(773) 685-2100

Pisyang Snacks 
3824 W Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(872) 241-9166

Taza Bakery
3100 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 942-7541

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mig said...

How does this compare to Mekato's (5423 N Lincoln Ave), which i find quite fantastic.


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