Wednesday, January 4, 2017


-Grubbing in Chicago  
Asian fusion in LP

'Afternoon' is the newest addition to the stretch of Clark street in Lincoln Park that's home to lots of "ethnic" spots. I use the term loosely because for many people ethnic means non-white but these places are geared towards the neighborhood which is predominately white. Up and down the block you can find hip Korean, South American, Hawaiian, and now Japanese. The young girls behind this place have decided to focus on Katsu which is the Japanese version of a breaded cutlet.

 Newly Opened in Lincoln Park

When I first read about this place in the former Meatloaf Bakery space it said they were bringing sushi burritos to the area. While I could care less about those the fact they were also doing Katsu caught my eye. I love Japanese style breaded cutlets and Afternoon offers it in a few ways. Aside from your choice of chicken or pork they offer them traditionally served with katsu sauce, in sandwich form, and even in a sushi roll. I tried the pork katsu plate over rice (pasta is also offered) and came away impressed. The breading stuck to the meat which was crispy on the end pieces and juicy in the middle ones. The side salad was sad but I didn't care as the pork was done well. On my visit I didn't see the sushi burritos on the menu which was basically Katsu and soup. Cute spot.

Pork Katsu Plate

2464 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 666-5591

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