Monday, January 23, 2017

Karachi Chat House

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Pakistani Eats

I've been eating my way up and down Devon avenue more and more lately. For those that have never been it's basically Chicago's Little India though Little Pakistan might be a more suitable nickname. There's not a ton of Indian Style Curry shops but there is quite a few Pakistani owned businesses including today's featured spot. Karachi Chat House isn't new but at some point in the last year or so new ownership took over. So if you visited this place pre-2015/16 it's different these days. I know this cause I chatted it up with the owner the first time I visited. It's since become a regular in my rotation.

Locals favorite on Devon 

The new owners decided to add an American part to the menu, specifically Chicago style food ala hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza puffs etc. That pairs with popular street food eats from Karachi which is the largest city in Pakistan. Chat (chaat) translates to savory snacks usually found alongside the road in places like India and Pakistan. While I'm not well educated in Indian or Pakistani street food I've come to love it when I get the chance to try it and Chat House is one of my current go-to spots. Only thing is I've gotten pretty much the same thing on each of my visits. If I'm dining in I always get a plate of the Dahi Puri which looks somewhat like a complete mess but tastes fantastic with all sorts of flavors and textures to enjoy. It's origins go back to Mumbai and the main ingredients in this vegetarian dish include Sev, Puri, Onion, Chili Powder, Mung Bean, Yogurt, Coriander.

Dahi Puri 

My go-to item from Chat House is the shredded beef wrap. Please note I'm not positive as to what it's called on the menu but if you order the shredded beef roll they'll know exactly what it is. I asked the guy working the register on my first visit what his favorite item was and this is it. He picked a good one. Best way I can describe the meat used in this Pakistani style burrito is corned beef. It's not hunter beef (Pakistani style corned beef) but has the same flavors and when paired with some onions and a spicy green coriander sauce inside this is one of my favorite cheap eats in the city at this moment. The wrap is warm and thick like a flour tortilla. Pretty sure they make them on the spot.

Shredded Beef Wrap

Karachi Chat House
2301 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 856-3600

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