Friday, February 12, 2016

Wyler Road

-Grubbing in Chicago
New to the 'Scene'

When the guys behind Wyler Road decided to open a sandwich shop last year they had a certain peak to reach. The previous tenant in the building was a place called The Brown Sack and their sandwiches were very much liked by locals. So the team behind Wyler took that into account and decided to do their own sandwich shop with alcohol and all. Named after a road in Burlington, Wisconsin which is where the owners grew up, Wyler Road also has connections to Milwaukee and The Vanguard. It's sister restaurant is one of my favorite stops when up the lake.

Newly Opened in Logan Square 

They brought some of The Vanguard to Wyler Road in that they both do draft cocktails which keeps the costs down under $10 a drink and also have cheese curds as well as the popular fried potato balls on the menu over at The Vanguard. The atmosphere is laid back with a nice outdoor drinking and eating patio during the warmer months. Its become a good spot to get a cocktail before 5p which is when most drinking establishments open. Wyler Road opens at 11am everyday and stays open late.

Cheese Curds

Starting with an order of cheese curds is always a good way to get going. Despite being on the menu of pretty much every bar in Wisconsin you don't see tons of cheese curds on menus in Chicago. These were good but I've had better, in Wisconsin of course. I'm not in love with the cold sandwiches but they are a nice snack for someone looking for something relatively light. I just don't think they pack enough meat in between the squishy bread they build them on. I was also impartial to the Reuben which pleases but isn't going to be matching the greatness of some of the offerings in MKE.

Roast Beef (top) Reuben (bottom)

I've heard good things about the steak sandwich but haven't gotten around to trying one. I think I like the Clam Belly BLT but I'm just not sure on the bread. Its a tad too tough for sandwiches in my opinion. But the fillings inside are well put together and the homemade chips that come with each sandwich ordered have always arrived warm while retaining good crunch.

Clam Belly BLT

I have the same qualms with the fish sandwich that I do with the Clam Belly. The bread is too heavy and hard which causes it to somewhat crush the fried filet of fish inside. It wasn't easy to eat but the flavors were there. All in all I'm a fan of this place I just wish they used different bread in the long roll sandwiches. I enjoy their draft cocktail creations and service is always pleasant. Nice addition.

Fish Sandwich 

Wyler Road
3581 W Belden Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 661-0675

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