Monday, February 15, 2016

Brazilian Bowl

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Brazilian Bites

Brazilian food isn't as common in Chicago as say Mexican but there are some spots to sample it. One of them is a place called Brazilian Bowl on Broadway just North of Belmont. It looks like there's reviews online going back to 2014 but I just became familiar with them over the last 3-4 months.

Locals Favorite on Broadway 

The name of the place gives off a Chipotle-like vibe but the food isn't going to get an entire nation sick. BB has the feel of a spot that could have multiple locations scattered throughout the city at some point. Their bowls being the driving force. They come in two sizes and the smaller of the two is still a nice lunch portion. Their bowls come with black beans and rice as well as your choice of protein and all sorts of toppings commonly found in Brazilian cooking. These are a pretty popular lunch item in these parts that might expand some day. They have a 2nd location in Albany Park coming soon.

Brazilian Bowl with Steak 

The menu features a handful of other Brazilian favorites and there's even a little grocery wall with imported food items for those looking to spice up meals at home. The Beef Acebolado plate which translates to Beef and Onions is a massive pile of food with a big chunk of grilled steak covered in lightly fried red onions aside a mound of rice and beans. This is the type of lunch where you better not have any meetings planned for later in the day because the couch will be calling.

Beef Acebolado

The most Brazilian of dishes here is what many consider the national dish of Brazil. Feijoada is a stew consisting of both pork and beef and rice and beans. Its a Portuguese dish thats commonly found in former Portuguese colonies. I've only tried BB's version but I know good when I taste it and this is a satisfying stew. The serving in and of itself can probably feed two people. Every bite had some sort of meat while the collard greens and pico de gallo gave it a little bit of color. Overall I'm very happy to have given BB a try because its the type of lunch spot I'll stop into now and then.


Brazilian Bowl
3204 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 857-2002

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