Friday, February 26, 2016

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Food Truck Finds

Warm weather is near! Despite a pretty mild winter I know lots of people who cant wait to get summer in full swing. Some of them being the food truck vendors that somehow managed to squeeze their way through the city's crazy licensing process. Because of that political BS the city's food truck scene isnt as advanced as some others. That said both the quality of spots and the sheer number of trucks has gone up since the days Glenn Keefer fought to make it so that you'd come to his steakhouse for lunch instead of a food truck parked nearby. You know because if there were no trucks where people could eat a quick cheap snack at then they'd go get 28 oz bone-in ribeye instead.

The Eastman Egg Co.

I don't work downtown so trucks that only get to the lunch spots in that area haven't crossed my path. Luckily most Sunday mornings, when weather allows, theres a handful of trucks lined up on Southport in Lakeview opposite Jewel Osco. When Eastman Egg Company is there I head that way for their namesake sandwich. Maybe my favorite breakfast sandwich in the city this one comes with Slagel Farms ham, cucumbers, and a house sweet chili sauce on a crispy ciabatta bun. Their sandwiches are so good they were able to go Brick & Mortar. Its too bad its so tough to get a license. If not we might see more trucks making it which means more renting of spaces in different 'hoods looking for good food which means more money for all. Makes too much sense I guess.

The Eastman Egg Sandwich

 The Yum Dum Truck

I first found these guys at the Taste of Chicago while working there last summer. They brought some food over for our booth and I ended up eating most of the cheesy kimchi rice balls. These are one of the most addictive snacks in the city and my favorite item to eat off any food truck I've tried.

 Cheesy Kimchi Rice Balls 

Rice gets mixed with kimchi, cheese, and I imagine eggs to hold it all together while being formed into small balls. They're then breaded and fried and topped with a housemade mayo concoction. When fried to order they explode with flavor upon each bite. The namesake dumplings arent too shabby either. As always I prefer the pork ones.

Dumplings from Yum Dum Truck

Bruges Brothers

This truck is pushing Belgian style frites fried in duck fat. I first became familiar with them at the Taste where I thought the fries were great. Some of the best fries not just from a truck but anywhere in Chicagoland. A return trip wasn't as satisfying but it was a festival where they were just opening and already had a line thus I felt the fries were rushed and not cooked enough. But when they're on these guys are putting out a product that can be considered fantastic whether from a truck or restaurant. I recommend the Spanish themed pile of frites which comes with chorizo, mayo.

Fresh Fried Frites from Bruges Brothers

Doner Men

These guys setup at different festivals as well as outside bars in areas such as Logan Square. They feature Doner which is the main street food of Berlin by way of Turkey. Doner being another name for shawarma and or gyros. They serve wraps and also plates which is the shaved meat over fries topped with a bunch of common salad toppings. Because of lines most of the meat gets cooked on a flattop which kind of defeats the purpose but if you see these guys at a festival and have been drinking and are hungry this is good food for that state of mind.

Chicken Doner Plate

Beavers Donuts

This truck is also commonly found on Southport on Sunday's. They do donuts and coffee which makes them a popular spot the Sunday mornings they setup. Mini Donuts are something I have loved since my youth and I always get an order of them with cinnamon sugar to go alongside my egg sandwich. They're usually fried to order which is the best way to eat them.

Mini Donuts

Notes: Please visit the trucks social media accounts to see where they're going to be.


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