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Merichka’s Restaurant

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We're taking a roadtrip out West to a place that's been going strong since the day prohibition was repealed. This however would be my first visit. Currently running on both 3rd and 4th generation owners the locals flood this place for lunch and dinner. They come for the atmosphere and the food.

Longtime locals favorite in Crestwood, IL

Upon entering Merichka’s you're immediately taken to a previous era. This includes the clientele and the staff. Its the type of place I'll always appreciate for at least a drink but today I'm here to eat as well. The menu reads like the dining room looks and thats old school circa the 60's. They still got the relish trays and popular items include steak and seafood plates with big baked potatoes by their side. The famous house dressing drowns lettuce and their battered onion rings come with extra crunch.

a peek inside

While all the aforementioned foods are loved its the Poor Boy sandwich that put Merichka’s on the map. It's something I always wanted to try and one day when I had nothing to do me and a friend took the ride out towards Joliet to see what was up. Despite the name this isn't the popular sandwich found all over New Orleans. The name does derive from a similar background in that it was an affordable sandwich for those that cant get a steak. They use whats basically a semi ground steak patty in between a toasted roll LOADED with garlic butter. I found the meat to be somewhat resistant and the garlic too much. Eating it required you to be just as careful as when consuming an Italian Beef and the fact they didn't pre-cut it only made it messier. The onion rings were better but still had a few too many that didn't hold up allowing the onion to slip thru. I doubt I make the drive specifically for this sandwich again but there might be a time in life I'm nearby and give it another go.

Poor Boy Steak Sandwich

Merichka’s Restaurant
604 Theodore St
Crest Hill, IL 60403
(815) 723-9371

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Anonymous said...

I have been Going to Merichka's since I first discovered it about 1983.

The POOR BOY is a CUBED steak that is served in the sandwich, thus it is usually more chewy. I'll agree that occasionally the Garlic can be too much.. but it can be also too little. It all depends on Who is in the kitchen. I have on occasion asked for a side of the Garlic butter because the sandwich was lacking. Adding Cheese (my preference is American) helps in the over all texture and taste of the Sandwich.

I highly also recommend the 28 ounce Porter House Steak.

When I Lived in the area it was a monthly stop. Now... I still get there 2 - 3 times a year.

Like any restaurant, sometimes it takes a time or two to get it right. Give it a couple more chances.


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