Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Strings Ramen

-Grubbing in Chicago
Ramen in Chinatown

This morning actually feels like a Fall day so I went into my food folder and tried to find something that would be enjoyed in this weather. How about some ramen? I hadn't gotten around to posting about String's, which opened over a year ago, due to the fact it was being covered by everyone else. I figured I'll wait and remind people its still an option as it can be easy to forget all the good ones.

Locals Favorite Ramen Shop in Chinatown 

String's has gotten better with time. The noodles which are made in a spiffy machine from japan have always been good while the broth and service have gotten better. This is me and the lady's go-to ramen shop when we're not feeling like riding up to the burbs. It's our go-to because of the things I just described. A good potent bowl of broth is the most important thing imo when it comes to ramen. Not far behind is the importance of the noodles. They cant be mushy. Then the pork, it better be tender and not fight with you when trying to break a piece off. The egg should be runny.

Tonkatsu Ramen at String's

While I do very much enjoy the ramen at String's I find the Kuro Buta Yaki Soba bowl to be better. The same firm noodles from the machine are cooked in a wok with the same tender pork. The noodles get a nice smokey flavor and the egg on top includes pepperoni in it. The dashi broth on the side can give your bowl a l6ittle bit of liquid. One of my favorite noodles dishes in the city.

Kuro Buta Yaki Soba

Strings Ramen
2141 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 374-3450

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