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Breakfast: Tacos + Hash

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I'm not a big breakfast guy. Usually I'm still full from the night before. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the first meal of the day from time to time. Even if it's not my first meal of the day. Sometimes I'll wake up and be in the mood for one of two things as far as breakfast food goes. Hash and Tacos.

Breakfast Hash 

Breakfast Sausage, Potatoes, Peppers, Onions, Cheese

I don't have exact recipes here because I rarely make the same hash twice. The most important feature of a good breakfast hash is potatoes. It takes time to get them perfect so if you don't have at least a half hour you might find yourself out of luck. That is why this dish tends to be a weekend thing for me. The key is cubing the potatoes down into bite size pieces and cooking them until crisp. You can achieve this by making sure they're nice and oiled and also by not jamming the frying pan with potatoes. Let them breathe, you may need to do them in batches. I tend to cook the potatoes the night before and then crisp them up real well the next morning with everything else.

Breakfast Hash

Breakfast Tacos

 Chorizo, Potatoes, Cheese, Onion, Cilantro, Egg

I take the same approach with taco that I do with hash. There's a few keys to the perfect breakfast taco and I think the first one is flour tortillas. Its not standard but its certainly the majority in places like Austin Texas where they take them as serious as anyone. Next up is balance. Figure three maybe four ingredients including the eggs. Which speaking of I prefer to be cooked over easy as opposed to scrambled. I like the yolk releasing flavors into the fold. Other keys are cheese and again if using spuds, crispy potatoes which I already explained how to achieve. Make sure you cook your chorizo first and then crisp up the potatoes in it's grease. I also have an original breakfast taco recipe.

King T's Bangin' Breakfast Tacos

I dont have exact portions but thats becasue there isnt any. You'll need the obvious, tortillas, as well as fresh locally grown corn cut off the cob, loose breakfast sausage, cheese, and a black bean spread. Top with onions and cilantro. This is best eaten this time of the year when corn is as good as you'll get anywhere here in the lovely Midwest. Don't stress, just cook, hash and tacos are all about free-styling. There really are no rules except in the case of hash you need potatoes and in the case of tacos you'll need tortillas. Other than that, you're free to explore. See ya next time.

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