Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bosna Grill

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Bosnian Bites

While out in the Northwest suburbs recently I decided I wanted some cevapi for lunch. For those unfamiliar cevap is a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of skinless sausage, found traditionally in the countries of southeastern Europe (the Balkans). It can be beef, pork, lamb or a combo of them. I looked online and found a place unfamiliar to me in the Bosna Grill, hidden in a strip mall.

Locals Favorite in Des Plaines 

From the outside it looks like one of those members only clubs you find in heavily populated Eastern European areas, and the Italian ones too. But everyone is welcome. Inside there's a few tables and not much else. I decided I was going to dine al trunko on what was a beautiful summer day. One look at the menu and my plans changed. I saw Bosnian style beef sausages or sudzikice in native tongue.

Menu (click pics to enhance)

Described on the menu as "Bosnian Beef Sausages served on Traditional Bosnian Bread with homemade cheese and onions" it caught my eye and since they recognized themselves as a Bosnian restaurant I thought it might be a better representation of the food. As is the case with many Eastern European spots the bread here was phenomenal. Perfectly toasted and very stable with lots of butter melted in. The sausage had the looks of breakfast links and the taste of them too. It was a very satisfying sandwich but I think I still prefer cevap. Might have to go back and try those too.

Bosnian Beef Sausages

Bosna Grill
644 W Algonquin Rd
Des Plaines, IL 60018
(847) 593-7484

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